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xkcd Comic Wedding Cake (1555)

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xkcd Wedding Cake for Math Lovers

xkcd Wedding Cake for Math Lovers

This wedding cake is inspired by the webcomic xkcd. I had not heard of this comic before, but was able to find out more about it after talking to my husband. Apparently the comic mixes romance, sarcasm and some math all together in a single comic strip that appears every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the website.

The top of the cake includes cutouts of the comic characters with a red heart on a wire between them. The entire cake is covered in white fondant with black thin bands at the base of each tier. Equations inspired by this comic decorate the remaining tiers. (You can buy the t-shirt of this comic here.)

We also included some unusual flavors including banana cake with coffee & chocolate mousse and vanilla with raspberry & strawberry mousse. The wedding cake was delivered to the Hyatt on the Hudson in Jersey City.

Here’s the image from the xkcd site that inspired the cake:


Thanks to @hissasa for translating some of the equations. My math is a bit rusty:

I hope you noticed that it says: sqrt(<3) or the root of love; cos(<3) the cause of love; and [1 0; 0 1]<3 the identity of love.

or maybe I just a huge nerd. Basically, I want this for my wedding.

Thanks to the cousin of the groom (and xkcd fan) who left us this comment!!

You are the artist responsible for this cake? What a marvelous job, thank you! This cake was a big center of attention at the wedding, and delicious, to boot!

-cousin of the groom (and an xkcd fan at that =))

Update: Here’s a smaller two-tier version of the XKCD cake we recently created for another wedding:

XKCD Two Tier Wedding Cake

XKCD Two Tier Wedding Cake

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15 Comments for “xkcd Comic Wedding Cake”

  • Sanna says:

    Gasp! XKCD and designer cake? My only regret is that I didn’t think of this for my own wedding. This is now the best cake in the world, ever.

  • faithy says:

    i love this design! this is soo cool and so adorable!

  • This cake is sooo cool. I’m want to include the picture and link in a tech/geek/scientist-themed wedding planning post coming up if that’s OK.

  • Ginger Brooks says:

    Wow Anne, your cakes continue to inspire me! thank you for sharing with all us cake lovers!

  • Fredrik says:

    This cake is made of pure awesome, and further decorated with some win! 😀 Great job!

  • This is awesome! I would love to see someone order a Dinosaur Comics wedding cake too.

  • intlulu says:

    And what’s even more fabulous is that he grants the permission for use like this as well, so it’s legally groovy and everything! 🙂

  • hissasa says:

    I hope you noticed that it says: sqrt(<3) or the root of love; cos(<3) the cause of love; and [1 0; 0 1]<3 the identity of love.

    or maybe I just a huge nerd. Basically, I want this for my wedding.

  • Alice says:

    Amazing! It looks exactly like the comic, including the font and coloring. This is a beautiful cake. Best nerdy cake in the world 🙂

  • Anne says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m blown away at the responses to the xkcd wedding cake! xkcd fans are fantastic…We’ve done thousands of cakes over the years, and never have we had such a huge response to a cake…

  • Dani Tess says:

    F(<3) is like saying the function of love. I'm not sure what the actual formula is taken from. (I'm only in 10th grade trig! Our functions are a lot simpler. A lot!!) I don't actually know what d/dx is and after some internet research I've seen a few things it might mean that don't make sense (like difference, change, slope, operator). I guess we'll have to get creative. Afterall cos is really cosine not cause. Creativity is central to this design. I'd say d/dx (<3) is trying to say the derivative of love. Kind of like asking what is formed or developed from loving. I say this becasue apparantly d/dx is used to find the derivative of a function y. So taking in those meanings and the meanings provided by hissasa, I'd say this is a pretty adorable comic and cake! "My normal approach is useless here." – perfect for all the math nerds I know! I'm totally printing this out and passing it around in class. (Maybe my teacher will be explain it a little bit better to me!)

  • alex says:

    F(<3) is the spectrum of love. Search for fourier transformation.
    d/dx (<3) says how the function "love" changes with "x"…. well, just pronounce "x"

    More of the stuff:

  • ritchie says:

    Oh my god! That is the best wedding cake ever. And while I don’t think my wife would’ve let me have it for our wedding she MIGHT let me have it for an anniversary or something. That is awesome, great job!

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