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Workout Themed Birthday Cake (2279)

Body builder 30th Birthday cake

“30 never looked so good!”

Into bodybuilding? Well this is our first bodybuilder/workout themed cake! Stefany reached out to us to help her design a special 30th birthday cake for her boyfriend. She sent us several photos of him to help us replicate him in sugar form at the top of this cake. To build off the workout theme of the cake, he is standing atop a 30 pound silver weight and tire while squatting with a dumbell. He’s dressed mostly in black with black socks, sneakers and shorts. A jug of water sits at his feet.

30th Gym Rat Birthday Cake

Body builder 30th Birthday Cake

The tire is surrounded with a climbing rope and a wooden box with the Guerrilla Fitness logo sits at the bottom of the cake. On the other side of the cake sits a pair of 35kg kettlebells which are a staple to any crossfit workout. Finally, written across the front of the cake board is a message which reads – “30 Never Looked SO Good!”


Kettlebells details for birthday cake

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

Looking for an alternative version of this cake? This cake is themed after the popular Crossfit phenomenon that has taken over the fitness world. Items included a barbell, exercise balls, weights and the supersized battle ropes!

Crossfit Themed 40th Birthday Cake

Crossfit Themed 40th Birthday Cake

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