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Watch the TLC Cake Off Episode Online

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In case you missed it, TLC has posted the Ultimate Cake Off episode we appeared in online here.

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3 Comments for “Watch the TLC Cake Off Episode Online”

  • I watched this and could hardly stand it! You are such an awesome decorator and the running around made you look harried and harassed. Plus they talk to you guys like you are 4 years old. I thought your cake was the best and should have won.

  • Dany says:

    Hii Anne!!! I am a really huge fan of you , I found here an inspiration for make cakes, I am from north México and I started to realize different things on pastry since I was a little kid because my mom is a really good cooker and the person who transmit me all my knowledges on my cooking life and of course my inspiration too, Now at my 23 yers old me and my sisters started a bakery store 3 years ago and when we discovered your web page |was a huge impact to saw the art that yoy have in your hands and from that day we followed, and the great cakes that you and your group realize, and of course I have to thank you for made the video of the shoe it was really helpfull. I hope that you can read this and in a future i hope that I can work together in your pink cake box!!!
    Best regards
    P.D: sorry for my english, at the next time i will be write better.. iI hope!!! = )

    • Anne says:

      Hi Daniela – Of course I can understand your comment and I loved it. I’m so glad we helped inspire you – I wish you the best of luck and thank you so much for visiting!

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