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Vendor Spotlight: CLB Photography (250)

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Chris and Suzanne Lo Bue are NJ wedding photographers from CLB photography. They’ve been in the wedding business since the early nineties and are multi-year award winners of The Knot Best of Weddings and WeddingWire’s Bride Choice. There work has been featured within the pages of NJ Bride, The Knot, New Jersey Weddings and Contemporary Bride.

They have also photographed many of our cakes over the year, and we are always excited when we hear they’ll be photographing our cakes – because they always come out spectacular! Both Chris and Suzanne have fun personalities and it translates well in all the photographs they take.

I had an opportunity to interview Chris about his business:

CLB Photography

How do you describe CLB Photography?

Good question. We offer fun photography for photo lovers. We are the ones to call when you want to have serious fun with your photographs and an incredible experience while being photographed, hence our tag line, Romantic 2 Ridiculous photography.

CLB Photography

How did you get started?

Funny thing, I never wanted to be a wedding photographer. I was studying to be an advertising photographer and had dreams of traveling the country photographing for major corporations. It was not until a close friend of mine relentlessly approached me to photograph her wedding. Eventually I said yes and devoted the next few months reading every book on photographing weddings and families at my local Barnes and Noble, B Daltons and Bergen County libraries. (Don’t laugh that was back in the days before the internet, when you used film in cameras). I photographed that first wedding Super Bowl Sunday, 1993 and to my surprise, I was like touch down! I could really get use to this! I recall driving home wondering how can I photograph another wedding?

Soon after I met my wife Suzanne and while we were dating, she took me to nine weddings one year; six of which she was a bridesmaid. To keep myself amused, I took mental pictures and thought to myself that the photographer was missing a lot of cool opportunities. Long story short, Suzanne pushed me into shooting weddings as a business. As a professional bridesmaid Suzanne taught me everything I know about weddings. After my first few weddings Suzanne and I decided we should photograph together. CLB Photography was born and was officially registered with the state of New Jersey in January, 1996.

As crazy as that first wedding was for me (every moment was a learning experience), to this day I still apply much of what I learned to my weddings today. I’m man enough to admit I still get butterflies before a wedding.

CLB Photography

What’s the favorite part of your job?

o Making a camera shy person feel like a model.
o Watching couples laugh, tear up and relive their wedding through their photographs.
o Changing the common perception that being photographed is either boring or a chore and having people say “wow…that was a blast.” It’s all about providing an incredible experience.
o I love the connections I make and places my photography takes me.

CLB Photo

Some news about CLB Photography:

In 2010 we introduced a new take on the engagement photos: AKA the Bad Ass Sessions.

We expect 2011 to be the year of the “Baby Bump” maternity photography and “Bad Ass Boudoir” photography.

CLB Photography

Random facts about Chris:

To relax:
He actually enjoys doing the dishes…and garden (really??)

Holding on to childhood:
Chris is a comic book fan, with a growing 8,000 book collection!! He has yet to grow out of doing tricks on his bike or roller blades.

In a previous life:
He was an architect for Margaretville restaurants, Starbucks, Bobby’s Burger and Ralph Lauren Stores.

Favorite thing to photograph:
Women’s footwear and muscle cars.

When not shooting:
He’s either throwing his kids in the air or trading stocks.

His original dream come true:
Chris now has a growing commercial photography business. Clients include Johnson and Johnson, Qlikview, Sungard, Progress Software, Selectminds and the Nasdaq.

Most grateful for:
My wife Suzanne, without her I’d still be dreaming to be a photographer.

CLB Photo

Last, but not least, do not forgot about the $20,000 Wedding Giveaway that we’ve partnered with CLB Photography and several other fantastic vendors from NJ!

CLB Photo

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