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Vegetable Garden Birthday Cake (2730)

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This was a special birthday cake for our friend Liz’s birthday this weekend.

Two of her favorite things are growing vegetables in her garden and enjoying a glass of red wine!

Garden Vegetable 40th Birthday Cake

Garden Vegetable 40th Birthday Cake

The bushel of fondant vegetables included tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, squash and a lot of kale! The extra kale was required for Liz’s extra healthy green smoothie recipe. It included 40 cups of kale, 40 cupcakes of wine and a splash of pineapple! 🙂

Liz's Extra Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

Liz’s Extra Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

Along with the vegetable basket cake we included a personalized wine bottle made of poured sugar. The wine label was personalized with Liz’s very own vineyard and the label read – “40th Anniversary Reserve”.

Personalized sugar wine bottle

Personalized sugar wine bottle

Here’s a video we shot at the bakery:

Update: Liz was kind enough to us this witty message on facebook:

Pink Cake Box is the BEST! I still find it hard to believe that the beautiful cake was mine! Still can’t decide if I like the Almond or coconut layer better. Both are so delicious! What an amazing, wonderful surprise!!
Do we call the cake the ‘Detox and then Retox Basket Cake’?

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