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Valentine’s Day Cupcakes (1720)

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Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

You can find Valentine Day Cupcakes in today’s edition of the Daily Record.

Allison, our sales and office manager extraordinaire was quoted in the article:

“We use little tiny cookie cutters,” said Allison Beer, sales and office manager. “We roll the fondant really thin and use the cutters to make a lot of the shapes.”
The fondant is then set out to dry, and once hard, is used to decorate the cupcakes with bows, monograms, roses or hearts, she said.
“We’ll do a fondant disc and write a script monogram on it, or initials, or someone’s name if it’s a short name,” she said.
Fondant can be color-coordinated to a tablescape or room decorations, she said.
“It’s kind of the same way that you would mix paint colors together,” she said.

And lastly, you can also find Liz gracing the front cover of the Daily Record:

Daily Record Liz

Liz on the front page of the Daily Record

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