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“Be My Valentine!” Cake Collobration (2748)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elephant and mouse Valentine's Day Cake

Jaque Mouseon and Rosie Delephanté!

“Love with no boundaries.
Your future depends on
your capacity to love “

– Paulo Coelho

Close up of Rosie Delephanté with Heart of the Ocean blue diamond

Close up of Rosie Delephanté with Heart of the Ocean blue diamond

We are proud to be part of the “Be My Valentine!” collaboration for this Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Zorica’s Cake Art by Hajnalka Mayor, for inviting us! The collaboration is dedicated to all who would like to be in love without boundaries, without fear or discrimination. We believe, everyone has the right to be loved and be in love freely.

Jaque Mouseon - a penniless artist

Jaque Mouseon – a penniless artist

A description of our cake:

A turn of the century, epic love story: Jaque Mouseon, a penniless artist and Rosie Delephanté, a beautiful aristocratic, have found each other despite insurmountable obstacles. Faced with a significant class separation, mixed-species prejudice and Rosie’s irrational fear of mice, this unlikely couple proves that love transcends all bounds.

Backside of Rosie Delephanté

Backside of Rosie Delephanté

Head over to the Be My Valentine Facebook collaboration page for more cakes from the other 46 talented artists who contributed!

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