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Up the Ante

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We are so close to our fund raising goal of $5000 for the American Cancer Society. So to up the ante we have increased the raffle prize from a $500 cake to a $750 dollar cake!!


Also, if you are looking for some good TV tonight, you can catch the Pink Cake Box crew on TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off at 10pm EST.

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7 Comments for “Up the Ante”

  • Karen says:

    Anne~ Yeah! Congrats on the Legoland cake win….yours was the BEST! Loved watching you work!

  • I was screaming at my t.v. rootin’ for you! I was screaming even louder when you won! Congratulations! You are truly my inspiration.

  • Traci says:

    Just had to post a big CONGRATULATIONS on your Legoland victory – YOUR TEAM SOOOO DESERVED IT!!!! and not to mention in an hours LESS time – UGH!! I was so mad when she had you sit out again – absolutely a “compliment”, but frustrating anyway! Your work was so smooth, clean & finished – nothing but perfection in the details! AWESOME JOB! :0) :0)

  • lynn says:

    Anne, Congrats on the Lego Cake. Lynn

  • Hi Anne,

    Huge congratulatons on being on the Cake Show. I just came across your blog this morning as I was browsing for faux cake designs.
    I am thrilled to pieces for you and absolutely adore your blog. I am marking it as one of my “Favs”. I am taking my first cake decorating
    class this Saturday and am so excited. Best of luck and thank you for your inspiration.


  • jane h. says:

    I was doing a search for “cupcakes” in NJ . I live in Fredon, NJ . Bet you don’t know where it is 🙂 I am visiting in IL right now.
    I found your blog. Unfortunately I did this search right before I watched the recorded “Ultimate Bake-Off”. I knew the ending, but still enjoyed the show. Congratulations.
    I am guess from everything I am reading on your URLs, that you don’t have a store front. I know there is a yummy bakery, great cakes in Denville, but I don’t think it is your bakery. (my husband bought me one for my birthday a couple of years ago)
    I am into cupcakes. They are my answer to my cravings.
    Congratulations again.
    jane h

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