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“Up All Night” Bat Mitzvah Cake (2330)

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Bat Mitzvah Bed Cake

Lucy’s Bat Mitzvah Bed Cake

We were THRILLED to hear back from our long time customers Jeff and Elena who reached out to us to help design a special cake for their daughter Lucy’s Bat Mitzvah. The theme of the party was “Up All Night” and for the party all guests dressed up in their best pajama attire.

The bed’s primary colors include purple, white and silver and the entire cake is inspired from the party’s invitation. There’s a lot to this cake, perhaps one of the detailed cakes we’ve ever made!

Side view of cake

Side view of bed cake includes nightstand, alarm clock and partial view of bed

The bed includes a white tufted headboard with a light purple border. Two Euro size pillows with a gathered button lie against the headboard. A silver bolster pillow with the inscription “Lucy’s Pajama Party” lies on the bed and another lies on the floor atop a rug and hard wood floor. Strewn throughout the bed are Lucy’s various possessions including a laptop, a bowl of popcorn (with popcorn overflowing onto the bed!), pup pup! (an adorable stuffed animal), and a book.


Bowl of overflowing popcorn

Next to the bed is a sculpted night table with a phone, and empty cup created from poured sugar, a picture frame with Lucy’s adorable face and an alarm clock set to 3am.

White laptop

Lucy’s white laptop

The cake was half chocolate with oreos and cream buttercream with Italian meringue filling. The other half was vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream.

Jeff left us one of our best testimonials ever! We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with them again in May!

Nicole –

It was a wonderful weekend and we are still trying to relive every moment. The cake was magnificent. It was a masterpiece and a true work of art – from the bed itself, to the things on it – the popcorn, the computer, the invitation, pup pup!, the spilled drink, the wood floor – and the lamp. Just amazing. We and everyone were in awe of it. I think the highest compliment was that – IT WAS NOT CUT DURING THE PARTY! Yup, the cake was not cut and given out during the party. The Villa was so overwhelmed with it and knew that everyone thought it was a showpiece (it was on display all night) that they couldn’t bring themselves to cut into it. How’s THAT for an amazing tribute? Please let Anne know! Too funny. SO, Saturday night at 2 in the morning, I drove home in the fog with the cake in the back of my car (I thought my care was going to pop up in front from the weight!) and we finally cut into it yesterday during our brunch (and now it sits on my dining room table). Every time we or the kids walk by it, we take a nibble here, put a fork into it there. I guess in the end, the most important people (us) are the ones that truly get to enjoy what makes these cakes truly wonderful and that, of course, is the taste.

Please send Anne and the team a special thank you for once again making a truly special and one of a kind cake – and let us know when the cake is added to the website (maybe it will make a top ten list) so that Lucy and I can write a note on the blog.

p.s., the LED light is still on!

Lastly, our son’s bar mitzvah is May 2, 2015. Is it too early to put a deposit down?

Thanks again.

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