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Ultimate Cake Off – Griffith Observatory Cake! (1274)

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Griffith Observatory Cake Tower

Just finished watching the episode…ahhhh what fun it is to re-live cake chaos 🙂 Well, although the cake didn’t turn out quite as we had expected, it was still a great experience. We tried really hard to make it happen, but unfortunately ran into some unforseen issues…

It was a fun group though and competing with Colette and Norm was awesome! I’d like to give a big thank you to my team, Beverly, Emily and Russ for all their hard work. Team PCB, we may not have won, but our cake was still ‘out of this world.’ Hahha…sorry there were a few too many inter-galactic puns going on…I really couldn’t help myself!

And to the rest of Team PCB, who stayed home and kept the shop alive, Thank you to you as well!!

Here are some photos from the show! Enjoy!

Griffith Cake with Team PCB with Planets

Here’s a video Jesse shot after the competition:

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7 Comments for “Ultimate Cake Off – Griffith Observatory Cake!”

  • Robyn says:

    enjoyed watching the Ultimate Cake Off last evening – can’t imagine the nerves that go into a contest like that with the cameras and the time constraints….and all that pressure. Great job!

  • June says:

    Aloha Ann,
    I really wanted you to win, your cake was awesome! In my eyes you were the winner. You had a great team & congratulations to you all.

  • Julie says:

    Way to go guys!! Cake was awesome!!

  • John Lee says:

    We just finished watching the competition and were sorry you did not win. The design was fantastic.
    We were really surprised to see Emily our former High School student on the Team.
    Hello to Emily!

    Professor Lee & Nurse Lee

  • Dianna says:

    I would’ve picked you in a heartbeat!

  • Cake Chaos says it all!!! It was great fun to watch and interesting to see how well you handled the stress of it all. Your cake was awesome!!!


  • Regina says:

    What a great cake your team produced.
    It was so exciting to watch the show and feel the stress and chaos =)
    I was surprised to see no skills test this time though.
    But congratulations on winning the taste test.

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