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Toy Drum Birthday Cake (1848)

Toy Drum Birthday Cake

Toy Drum Birthday Cake

We’ve done a drum cake before, but this is our first toy drum. Our client sent an image of their child’s toy drum along with 3 toy characters that we recreated in cake form. Characters included a purple dog which sits on top of the drum, a flower character to the left of the drum and a mult-color dog to the right of the drum.

Close of Toy Bear on Cake

Close of Toy Bear on Cake

Flavors and fillings were vanilla with raspberry chambord buttercream. We delivered the drum to Fords, NJ.

Happy Birthday Nishi!

Close-up of Toy

Close-up of Toy

Here’s a video we shot at the bakery:

From the video:

“We have a first birthday cake here and its a replica of the birthday girl’s drum and her favorite toys. Very detailed and took quite a bit of time to decorate! You can see all the details along the sides of the drum. Happy 1st Birthday!”

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