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Abby’s Topsy Turvy Bat Mitzvah Cake (2722)

This could be one of our most over-the-top cakes ever! We worked with Stacey, a repeat customer of ours, to design this five tier Bat Mitzvah cake for her daughter Abby.

Abby's Topsy Turvy Bat Mitzvah Cake

Abby’s Topsy Turvy Bat Mitzvah Cake

There’s so much to explain about this cake, so let me get started! The overall theme of the cake was inspired by Abby Road and its famous album cover. Each tier includes a different aspect of Abby’s life.

The top tier is covered in pink fondant and includes a Abby Road record on the face of the tier. Abby’s party logo stands atop the tier with glittery silver road markings (inspired by the cover) along with crystal/bling outlines.

The next tier of the cake represents the “streetwear” Abby. The cake was “dressed” in blue denim with her iPod touch sticking out one of the pockets.

Streetwear Abby Sugar Model Figure

Streetwear Abby Sugar Model Figure

Next up is the Hip Hop/Urban Abby decked out in dance outfit. She sits atop a tier with headphones and Abby Road written across the top in graffiti inspired font.

The next tier follows a camp theme with Abby dressed in a more sporty look. She is surrounded by a tennis rack, tennis ball, lacrosse stick and black hi-top sneaker.

Sporty Camp Abby Sugar Figure

Sporty Camp Abby Sugar Figure

The final tier represents the girly fashionista Abby with plenty of glitter and bling. Abby sits at the base of the tier in a pink party dress and is surrounded by a silver crown, a high heel, pink ruffles and silver bow.

Glamorous Abby Sugar Figure

Glamorous Abby Sugar Figure

Mazel Tov Abby!

We were so pleased to get this note from Stacey after the event:

Omg that cake was insanity! No joke. Clearly the focal point of the party. Truly a work of art and the talk of the night. Pictures of it went viral:) I also heard from my party planner that they already booked you for something! That’s amazing…they were so impressed.

Thanks Stacey!

Update: We finally got around to putting posting our video of the cake!

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