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Topsy Turvy 60th Birthday Cake (1266)

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Topsy Turvy 60th Birthday Cake

Anne made this cake for my mom’s surprise party at Smoke Rise Inn in Kinnelon, NJ. My mom turned 60 last week so we decided to throw her a surprise party with some of her close friends and family.

The cake was amazing (I especially like this topsy turvy style) – it included all sorts of mementos that best encapsulate my mom. Starting from the top is a sugar figurine version of my mom sitting atop a Yoga mat.

My favorite item was the fondant version of our black lab Elsie with angel wings. Elsie was supposed to be a seeing eye dog, but failed because of her hip displacement. So we were fortunate enough to keep her and have her as part of our lives growing up. She was a great dog and my mom really loved her.

Other items included a whole foods bag, vegetables, vitamins and an organic sign which describes my mom love of all things organic and healthy. Also included was a marriage prep book and shawl which relates to some of the work my mom does with church. There is also a hand on the top tier which represents the volunteer work she does with Healing Touch at Morristown Hospital for Oncology patients.

Happy 60th to my Mom and many thanks to Anne and the staff at Pink Cake Box for helping create an awesome cake and set of cookies for the party!

Here’s a video Anne shot at the shop:

My mom left this great review of the cake:

Although some might think I am biased(I am Anne’s mother-in-law), I am truly speaking from my heart. I have been amazed by many
of Anne’s cakes but this is the first BIG one I have personally received.

The cake was the hit, besides me of course, of my 60th surprise party. Anne had created a cake which represented every facet of my life (although the woman on the top looked 30 and I AM
60). Anne captured my life in all the trimmings…..but more importantly the cake truly captured her ability to get to the heart and stomachs of everyone @ my party.

I didn’t want to cut the cake, but when I took a spoonful of that delicious carrot cake, I melted with sheer delight. So, kudos, love and an abundance of blessings to Anne and her staff who created and made my cake. I knew I was a lucky mother-in-law and this has made my heart of gratitude larger……This cake surpasses all other ratings because it was more than just a cake…….

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