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Top Handbag Cake Ideas from Pink Cake Box

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The top handbag cake ideas are fun, festive and unique, just like their recipients! So what does your handbag say about you? For some women, a handbag is more than just an accessory, it’s a fashion statement. And what better way to make a statement than with a handbag cake for your next big event? Check out these fun ideas for top handbag cakes from Pink Cake Box.

Our favorite handbag cakes

Shaped Handbag Cakes

A cake can actually be shaped like your most beloved handbag, making it not only fashionable, but delicious, too. Flavors and fillings can be chosen to your liking. This designer shaped handbag cake was realistically created with fondant and hand-painted accents. An edible compact and lipstick were also included for personal flair.

 top handbag cakes

A handbag cake with edible accessories to match!

This creation makes our list of top handbag cakes since customers have told us it is one of the most realistic handbag cakes they have ever seen.  It was made to look like the recipient’s favorite purse, and sits next to her fondant sunglasses, high-heeled shoe and a gift box.  What more can a girl ask for?

 top handbag cakes

A handbag cake right out of every girl’s dream!

The detail on this red handbag birthday cake is so stunning that it’s hard to believe you can eat it! But don’t let our attention to detail fool you. This one is made with tasty fondant and filled with pink velvet and vanilla buttercream.

top handbag cakes

Delicious pink velvet hides inside this handbag cake!

Our pink and brown handbag cake was a replica of a client’s favorite accessory. Our top handbag cakes are intricately detailed and sometimes inspire new ideas for other handbag cakes, too.

 top handbag cakes

What a great birthday surprise this handbag cake would make!

Two amazing accessories in one, this crocodile print handbag cake has an engagement ring at its base to help celebrate a bridal shower. Can you see the pattern in the ‘leather’ fondant?

 top handbag cakes

Time to take a bite out of your favorite handbag!

Handbag Cake Toppers

If you love your handbag so much that you can’t imagine cutting it into tasty pieces, perhaps a handbag cake topper is more your style. A fondant character can be placed on top of your cake tier or topper, holding your favorite handbag or a handbag idea of your choice. This sweet pregnant momma has a handbag that not only matches her outfit, but the polka dots match her cake, too!

 top handbag cakes

A new mommy always has her handbag at her side.

This mommy holds a handbag over her shoulder and is surrounded by her favorite shopping bags (and her doggies!).

 top handbag cakes

A baby shower cake with a shopping mommy on top!

Check out more examples of our Pregnant Mommy Cake Toppers, with or without handbags!

Creative Handbag Cakes

Not all top handbag cakes hold your personal items. Some of them hold your most beloved possessions, like this cake that was made to look like a dog carrier handbag. This fashionista cake, created for a Bat Mitzvah, features two sculpted doggies inside a cozy pink handbag.

 top handbag cakes

A handbag cake fit for the pups!

 top handbag cakes

Sitting pretty in their own handbag cake!

Handbag cakes add personal touches to any event and become a fun focal point at bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties. They are truly the tastiest accessory on your dessert plate!

Cake hobbyist or experienced professional? If you are interested in fashion themed cakes – check out our Craftsy class – How to design your own dress cake here.

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