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Top Graduation Cakes!

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It is graduation season! Whether you are looking to celebrate a high school graduation, college, or trade school – it is a huge accomplishment and we love to take that achievement and incorporate it into a cake uniquely yours. Here are a few of our top graduation picks over the years.

Our Favorite Graduation Cakes!

  • 1
    Tiered Patterned Cakes
    Ex. Crimson Graduation Cake

    Topsy Turvy Pink Crimson Grad Cake

    Celebrating in style, this cake proudly displays the graduation year with gems hanging from curled wires with a fun color scheme incorporating different patterns to show off graduation in style.

  • 2
    Sculpted Books!
    Ex. Stacked Books & Cap Graduation Cake

    Stacked Books with Graduation Cap Cake

    Stacked books are a popular choice amongst graduation cakes focusing on the graduates main study. This cake includes a graduation cap topping off the books display the schools colors.

    Find more graduation book designs like this one in our gallery.
  • 3
    Create a one of a kind cake, unique to you!
    Ex. Haleigh’s Cosmetology Graduation Cake

    Fashionista Graduation Cake with Cake Topper

    This tiered cake was done with the graduating girl sitting proudly on top with some of her favorite times from high school along with cosmetology school which she graduated at the same time! This cake represents her personal venture and is a special way to represent your favorite memories!

    Are you an adventurous hobbyist looking to make your own standing figure cake topper? Check out our cake toppers techniques class to learn how to create your own!
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    Show your school pride!
    Ex. College Themed Graduation Cake

    College Graduation Cake

    This cake celebrates the graduates college colors and mascot with matching stars on wires and a graduation cap to top it off!

    Find more cakes that incorporate mascots here in our gallery.
  • 5
    Hats off to cupcake toppers!
    Ex. Graduation Cap Cupcake Stand

    Graduation Cap Cupcake Tier

    Topper cakes are made for so many different occasions, but this topper cake created for a graduation was sculpted into a graduation cap sporting the school’s colors. Liners to match add a perfect touch to pull the look together.

    Find more ways to add a little extra to your cupcakes or cupcake tower with our “10 Ways To Dress up your Cupcakes” article.
For more graduation ideas check out our Graduation Gallery.

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