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Top Cakes 2011 – People’s Choice (2011)

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Top Ten Cakes 2011 Voting is done and we want thank everyone for helping us raise money for Icing Smiles for our 2011 fundraising effort! This year we finished with 1298 votes for a total of $649. Pink Cake Box has donated an additional $351 to ensure we still hit our $1000 goal.

The second part of the contest was a giveaway to win a free $150 gift certificate for a Pink Cake Box cake decorating class. Using this random number generator, we came up with the number 227 and the 227th entry was Jodie Z. from Madison, NJ. Congratulations Jodie for winning the $150 gift certificate.

And finally, the results of the voting for best cake for 2011! We’ll start from the bottom of the list and work our way up:

#10 Sports Locker Bar Mitzvah Cake

At the #10 spot with 18 votes (1% of all votes) is our recent Sports Locker Bar Mitzvah Cake. I don’t think this picture does the cake justice – it looked much more impressive in person…

Sports Locker Bar Mitzvah Cake

#10 Sports Locker Bar Mitzvah Cake

#9 Towering Crystal Wedding Cake

With 33 votes (3% of the votes), our crystal wedding cake placed ninth.

Crystal Wedding Cake

#9 Crystal Wedding Cake

#8 Retro Arcade Cake

In the 8th spot with 63 votes ( 5% of the votes) was our retro arcade cake. In my opinion, this is another cake where the photo doesn’t do it justice. 🙂

Retro Arcade Cake

#8 1980's Style Arcade Cake

#7 Food Network Snoopy & Woodstock Cake

Our Food Network Snoopy & Woodstock Charlie Brown Thanksgiving cake fell into the 7th spot with 68 votes (5% of all votes).

Snoopy Pilgrim Cake with Woodstock

#7 Food Network Challenge Snoopy & Woodstock Pilgrim Cake

#6 Bat Mitzvah Basketball Themed Cake

At the #6 spot with 88 votes (7% of the votes) is our Bat Mitzvah Basketball themed cake.

Bar Mitzvah Damask Cake

#6 Bar Mitzvah Golden Basketball Themed Cake

#5 Dump Truck Groom’s Cake

At the #5 spot with 98 votes (8% of the votes) is our fun dump truck cake.

Side profile of truck cake

#5 Side profile of truck cake

#4 Peacock Wedding Cake

Breaking the 100 vote mark is our Peacock Wedding cake with 146 votes (11% of all votes).

Peacock & Peahen Wedding Cake

#4 Peacock & Peahen Wedding Cake

#3 Basketweave Wedding Cake

In the top 3 spot is our basketweave wedding cake with 178 votes (14% of all votes).

Basketweave & Flower Wedding Cake

#3 Basketweave & Flower Wedding Cake

#2 Platnium Ruffle Wedding Cake

With 209 votes (16% of all votes) our towering platinum ruffle wedding cake fell into the #2 spot.

Purple & Crystal Wedding Cake

#2 Purple & Crystal Wedding Cake

#1 Morkie & Maltese Birthday Cake

And finally with 397 votes (31% of all votes) the clear winner for this years best of 2011 cakes is our Maltese and Morkie birthday cake. Interestingly, last year’s winner was also a dog cake.

Morkie & Maltese Birthday cake

#1 Morkie & Maltese Birthday Cake

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