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Our Top 5 Ombré Cakes

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Top 5 Ombre Themed Cakes

Ombré may have been introduced to you in the form of a new hair color, or maybe you flipped through a new catalog and saw a new maxi dress with ombré coloring. Wherever you may have first heard of “ombré”, it has been in the cake industry for some time and continues to be a popular choice for weddings, birthdays and the like. Ombré is a perfect way to blend complementary colors to add a twist to your cake. For even more ombré and other cake trends, we encourage your to check out 7 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Cake.

Take a look at our favorite top five ombré cakes!

  • 1
    Ombré Multiple Layer
    Ex. Pink Ombré Wedding Cake

    Pink Ombre Wedding Cake

    Nothing beats a pink ombré to kick off our favorite ombré cakes! This cake plays with different tier heights but starts with a blush pink top to a raspberrry pink bottom to show a beautiful contrast in color.

  • 2
    Drastic Ombré
    Ex. Ombré Enchanted Butterfly Wedding Cake

    Ombre Butterfly Blue Wedding Cake

    This enchanting cake with a magical tree and fluttering butterflies starts with a light blue to a darker blue at the bottom tier drastically changing in color.

  • 3
    Soft Fade Ombré
    Ex. Fairy and Butterfly Pink Ombré Birthday Cake

    Ombre Pink 1st Birthday Cake

    These majestic fairies come together with a soft fade ombré keeping the light pink color to keep the cake delicate and celebrate this little one’s first birthday.

  • 4
    Hexagon Ombre Tiers
    Ex. Tiffany’s Ombre Sweet 16 Cake

    Pink Ombre Sweet 16 Cake

    Hexagon tiers are a way to be different from the typical round or square cakes. In this Sweet 16 cake, it is elegantly designed with ombré tiers in addition to the clusters of flowers which are also done in ombré.

  • 5
    Ombré Cupcake Towers!
    Ex. Sweet 16 Damask Cupcake Tower

    Monogrammed Wedding Cupcake Stand

    This is a stenciled design topper cake with an initial paired with cupcakes in ombré to accent the topper cake. The cupcakes start with a light pink on the top tier of the cupcake stand and each tier gets a shade darker to the bottom of the stand.

    BONUS: Take a look at some of our other creations done in ombré here.

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