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15 Delicious Dessert Tables Ideas

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Dessert tables serve many purposes at events and parties. Obviously they provide desserts to your guests, but they can also be a fun focal point and a way to express your personal style through theme and color. Dessert tables can feature so much more than just cake- from cookies to cake pops, we can make your dessert buffet into a collection of sweet treats that keep your guests talking for years to come!

Delicious Dessert Tables & Treats

  • 1
    Piper’s Sweet Treats Dessert Table

    Dessert tables offer a little something for everyone. This collection of treats from Piper’s 1st Birthday Party featured an amazing cake shaped like a cake slice with a giant cupcake and macaron on top!  The interior of the cake was layered with soft pastel colors, and even featured her name ‘piped’ in floating frosting at the top.  Piper, the daughter of Anne and Jesse, had a mouth-watering array of cupcakes, macaron pops, cake pops, push pops, cookies and a smash cake!  What more can a girl ask for?  If you’re curious about what kinds of treats you can feature at a dessert table, check out the variety of favors in our gallery.

    Sweet Treats Birthday Dessert Table

    Piper’s Sweet Treats Dessert Table

    Ruffle Knit Birthday Dessert Table

    Piper’s 2nd Birthday Cake & Dessert Table

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    Twin Cupcake Tower Dessert Spread

    If you’re thinking of holding a theme party, a dessert table is a wonderful way to continue your concept. This dessert table for a 1st Birthday Party consisted of cake, cupcakes, cookies and cupcake push pops in coordinating colors…for twins! The adorable storybook theme, which has become very popular for children’s parties, was carried out in colors of red, blue and white. Familiar characters peek from the cheerful cupcake tower.  An eye-popping topsy turvy cake and two smash cakes in thematic colors helped to finish off this amazing table.  You can see more of our themed dessert tables on our Pink Cake Box Pinterest board.

    Storybook character dessert table

    Twin Birthday Party Dessert Table

    Find more children’s cakes here!
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    ‘Bring a Book’ Dessert Buffet

    Another wonderful example of a theme party is this ‘Bring a Book’ themed dessert table for our client’s baby shower.  The three-tiered cake featured an adorable sculpted bunny and fondant books side by side along the bottom tier.  Guests were asked to ‘bring a book for baby,’ and enjoyed delicious treats from the dessert collection!  Among the choices were pink cake pops and baby onesie cookies.  Each cookie featured a bib, hand-painted with the same bunny image from the top of the cake. Hand-painted cakes and cookies are a beautiful way to decorate your treats and impress your guests!

    Baby Shower Bunny Dessert Table

    Bunnies and Books Baby Shower Cake and Dessert Table

  • 4
    Elegant Tea Party Dessert Table

    Dessert tables can be elegant, too, with soft colors and delicate decorations.  This 5th birthday tea party included floral mini cakes with mini rosettes, vanilla dipped cake pops, pink cupcakes, push pops, and a beautiful cake topper decorated with painted flowers and sugar flowers.  Do you want to try some of our cakes for yourself?  Stop into our retail store, Pink Cake Box Boutique, and pick up a cake to go!

    Birthday Tea Party Dessert Table

    Tea Party Dessert Table

  • 5
    Teapot Dessert Spread

    Speaking of teapots, here’s another dessert table we did for a 2nd Birthday party, which also had a tea party theme.  This time we made the cake shaped like a teapot, with the guest of honor sculpted beside it!  Teapot cakes are always a hit, and can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.  Cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cut-out cookies and candy in coordinating colors also adorned this dessert table, offering an array of delicious choices for the guests.

    Dessert Buffet Table - Teapot Cake

    Teapot Cake and Dessert Table

  • 6
    Tiffany Blue Dessert Table

    This bridal shower dessert table featured the famous Tiffany blue as a color theme.  Cookies shaped like bridal gowns, macarons, cupcakes and a signature Tiffany blue cake topper completed the design.  The handbag cake displayed the bride-to-be’s name in style!  And no bridal shower table is complete without pearls.  You can find them peeking out of the bride’s handbag cake, and along the bottom of her gift box cake topper.  If you like handbag cakes, be sure to look through our collection of specially designed handbag cakes for our clients!

    Tiffany themed dessert table

    Tiffany Blue Dessert Table

    You can find more tiffany blue colored cakes here!
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    Bridal Shower Dessert Table

    Here’s another bridal shower dessert table with a different color concept.  Nicole’s bridal shower dessert table was inspired by a ballerina table we had previously created.  Nicole’s dessert collection included a delectable three-tiered pink cake with a sculpted figure at the top and an elegant monogram at its center.  Delicious desserts such as monogrammed cookies, cake pops and pink macarons filled the table and continued the color theme.  If you’re not familiar with our array of macarons, check out our article on French Macarons, and see what they have to offer your dessert table!

    Pink and White Bridal Shower Dessert Table

    Bridal Shower Dessert Table

  • 8
    Whimsical Birthday Display

    Dessert tables are wonderful ways to express your personal style and creativity.  For this whimsical table, our client sent us photos of the matching dresses she and her baby would be wearing at the party.  We designed the dessert table to coordinate with these colors, and included cookies, cupcakes and a three-tiered 1st Birthday cake.  Hot pink, yellow, tangerine, white and green helped to make this dessert table vividly entertaining!

    Whimsical Dessert Table Setup

    Whimsical & Colorful Dessert Table Setup

  • 9
    Candy Themed Cake Spread

    Get your dessert plates ready for this candy themed table!  There’s something for every sweet tooth at Aly’s Bat Mitzvah, with a multi-tiered candy themed cake at its center.  You’ll recognize fondant candy favorites such as candy dots, chocolate bars, lollipops, taffy and more!  The guest of honor’s pet bunny also makes an appearance at the top.  The dessert table comes to life with eye-popping colors, with choices of cupcakes, push pops, and cookies and milk!

    Candy Theemed Dessert Table

    Candy-Themed Bat Mitzvah Dessert Table

  • 10
    Vintage Candy Display Table

    Candy is a popular theme for birthday parties and events, and makes a fun and memorable dessert table display!  This vintage candy-themed birthday party offered up a variety of tasty treats, including colorful cupcakes, decorated cookies, mini cupcakes and a variety of chocolate and licorice to choose from.  The delightful three-tiered cake carried out the candy theme and provided a vibrant centerpiece for the birthday boy.

    Vintage Candy-Themed Dessert Table

    Vintage Candy-Themed Dessert Table

  • 11
    Christening Dessert Table

    Dessert tables aren’t just for birthdays and bridal showers.  Aly’s table above celebrated a Bat Mitzvah, and these clients chose to have a dessert table at their baby’s christening.  Shades of blue and green were added to the traditional white for a unique display, with a collection of treats including cookies, cupcakes, and mini cupcakes.  An assortment of candies surrounded the gorgeous three-tiered square cake.

    Baptism Dessert Table

    Christening Dessert Table

  • 12
    Piper’s Christening Display!

    Anne and Jesse created another beautiful dessert table for their daughter Piper, this time for her christening.  Three airy, springtime cakes served as the focal point for this dainty selection of treats.  Pretty pale pink cupcakes, cookies and macarons were all featured for guests to enjoy.  Each macaron was decorated with a ‘P’ on top, with flavors that included pistachio, raspberry and coffee.  We incorporated our wafer paper technique to achieve the delicate designs on Piper’s cakes, which you can read all about at Pink Cake Box University.

    Christening Dessert Table collection

    Christening Dessert Table

  • Find more cakes for christening and baptisms here!
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    Sophisticated Dessert Display

    Your heart’s desire can be achieved in your dessert table! Take a look at this elegant spread, which was created for a client’s birthday event.  Sophisticated treats included gold-dusted macarons, petite individual cakes, and elegant vanilla bean mousse with caramelized white chocolate ganache tarts.  Not to be forgotten were the monogrammed cookies and stunning multi-tiered cake, with hand-painted designs, soft ruffles and quilting.

    elegant dessert table

    Elegant Birthday Dessert Table

  • 14
    Rustic Dessert Table Display

    This dessert table was from a wedding shoot with NJ Bride Magazine at Stonehouse in Warren. It featured a unique array of treats, including cupcakes, mini cupcakes, mini sandwich cookies, candy apples, and fresh strawberries.  The theme was organic and earthy, and included colors of gold, deep red, and brown.  Not to be forgotten are the amazing display cakes, including a hexagonal metallic gold cake, a three-tiered Fall cake with entwining edible branches, and symmetrical, two-tiered chocolate truffle cakes.

    Rustic Dessert Table Display

    Rustic Dessert Table Display

  • 15
    Metallic Dessert Disaply

    Claire’s 18th Birthday dessert table also featured an incredible metallic cake.  Four tiers of white and gold fondant, draped in a gold fondant bow, made this cake a masterpiece!  A golden tiara accented the top, along with quilted patterns and golden 18’s.  The dessert collection offered guests golden macarons, monogrammed cookies, and delicious red velvet cupcakes.  We offer cakes and cupcakes in a variety of flavors and fillings.  Check out our complete list to see what we can create for you.

    metallic gold birthday dessert table

    Golden Dessert Table

  • 16
    BONUS: Teddy Bear Dessert Table

    This setup for a baby shower includes everything teddy bear themed from the cake pops, macarons and the cake. The cake includes a set of adorable teddy bears lounging on each tier.

    Teddy Bear Baby Shower Dessert Table

    A collection of teddy bear themed treats!

Dessert tables are a wonderful way to express your personal style, surprise loved ones, or simply achieve the display of your dreams.  Dessert tables are so much more than just a place for your guests to get a slice of cake.  With so many choices, colors and themes, our selections can easily satisfy every sweet tooth!

Looking for more ideas? You can find more of our dessert tables here or if you prefer follow our Pinterest Dessert Table board!

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