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10 Cake Ideas for Ladybug Themed Party!

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Ladybugs have to be amongst the cutest of cute little critters! We love incorporating ladybugs into our cakes so we thought why not create a post to give everyone a glimpse at our top ten cutest Ladybug Cakes! So whether you are planning a ladybug first birthday for your daughter, or just love ladybugs, hopefully we have your ladybug fix!

Top 10 Ladybug Themed Cakes for Girl Birthday Party

  • 1
    Garden Bug First Birthday Cake

    Girls 1st Birthday Gerber Daisies Cake

    This brightly colored garden theme features celadon colored tiers with bright orange, yellow and pink Gerber daisies growing up the sides. Bumble bees swarm around along with butterflies and both 2D and 3D ladybugs crawl along the tiers to bring this first birthday celebration together!

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  • 2
    Lauren’s Ladybug Themed Birthday Cake

    Ladybug 1st Birthday Cake

    This three tiered cake has a classic ladybug look with white tiers and a cute ladybug sits on top of a flower and leaves with a sign for the birthday girl. An abundance of 3D ladybugs are around the tiers and a matching spotted band at the bottom of each tier.

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  • 3
    Addy’s First Birthday Cake

    Addys 1st Birthday Cake

    This girly cake has the birthday girl’s favorite stuffed animal on top with a twist! This monkey is dressed in a ladybug costume to celebrate the birthday girls first birthday! 2D flowers and polka dots surround the tiers along with the birthday girl’s name and age.

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  • 4
    1st Birthday Ladybug Cake

    Ladybug Themed Birthday Cake

    This is not your traditional ladybug! This ladybug shines a bit brighter in hot pink with lime green polka dots! Polka dots add a color pop on the first and bottom tier where as the middle tier has brightly colored stripes and a hot pink number one. Colorful fondant balls line the bottom of the tiers to match this fun filled cake!

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  • 5
    Tulip Wedding Shower Cake

    Tulip Wedding Shower Bridal Cake

    This cake features white tulips with their stems standing tall against a celadon green tier surrounded by ladybugs. Two “lovebugs” come together on wires above the tier to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

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  • 6
    Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Cake

    Pink Cake Box Cake

    Pink and red come together to celebrate this little one’s arrival! A baby wearing a ladybug themed outfit sits atop a daisy with leaves. Red polka dots line the blush pink top tier whereas the second tier features strollers that look like lady bugs along a large band of a red ladybug tier! The bottom tier features white daisies with ladybugs in the center and red polka dots against the blush pink tier.

    Adding cookie favors allows the guests to bring a piece of your special event home like these Ladybug & Daisy Cookies!

  • 7
    Ladybug 1st Birthday Cake

    Ladybug First Birthday Childrens Cake

    A cute little lady bug sits on an oversized leaf on this square cake. The tiers have a classic design incorporating red, black, and white polka dots along the tiers to celebrate a first birthday!

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  • 8
    Ladybug Birthday Cake

    1st Birthday Ladybug Birthday Cake

    This ladybug birthday cake “separates” itself from the rest with separators between the tiers to add a bit of height to this oversized happy ladybug on top. The classic black, red, and white ladybug colors are used with a pop of green leaves and separators to differentiate from all the rest!

    Take a look at our First Birthday Ladybug Cookies to add a little extra cuteness!

    First Birthday Ladybug Cookies

  • 8
    75th Ladybug Birthday Cake

    Ladybug Birthday Cake

    75th Ladybug Birthday Cake with Daises

    This pretty in white birthday cake has white daisies along the tier with red ladybugs in the centers and a ladybug band at the bottom. A ladybug sits on top of a white daisy making it’s mark with a sign that reads “75”.

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  • 9
    Ladybug Cupcakes (Bugcakes!)

    These cupcakes have an assortment of cutesy critters including caterpillars to butterflies, dragonflies and our favorite… ladybugs!

  • 10
    Garden Themed Cakes!

    1st Birthday Garden Themed Cakes

    Here’s a good example of us applying the garden and ladybug themes to a variety of different cakes to accommodate different customer needs. The first cake is a large towering topsy turvy cake. The middle cake is a smaller 6 inch ladybug and garden themed cake topper with coordinating cupcakes on our cupcake stand. The final cake is a smaller two tier cake more appropriate for a smaller birthday party.

Have some ideas you want incorporated or found your perfect cake? Contact us to create your cute critter!

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