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The Orange Squirrel Restaurant

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orange-squirrel-logo1Almost two years ago we received one of our first requests for what would become one of our most unique wedding cakes – the Corpse Bride wedding cake. The bride and groom were looking to do something different and asked us to to incorporate colors and styles from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas movie. Over the years, this wedding cake has spawned several other Tim Burton inspired cakes and has become one of most popular wedding cakes. Well we’ve kept in touch with the bride and groom and are happy to announce they opened up their own restaurant called the Orange Squirrel located on Bloomfield Avenue in Bloomfield, NJ. The restaurant has a NYC feel and is headed up by Chef Francesco Palmieri. Chef Palmieri was trained at Culinary Institute of America and has worked at several top NYC restaurants before deciding to bring his culinary vision back to his hometown of Bloomfield. Visit their site here to see their lunch and dinner menus. If you live in the area, we suggest you give the restaurant a try.

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