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The Littlest Intern (1)

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When my nephew was born 14 months ago…I warned my sister-in-law and brother that as soon as Brian could walk, he was going to learn his way around the kitchen. “If he can walk, he can whisk!”And since Brian’s now vertically mobile, I thought it the perfect time for Icing 101. Note the technique Chef Brian uses here:

Brian with the wedding cake

And here, Chef Brian is trying a new way of squaring off a cake…it’s called ‘gouging’ ! Nothing a little more buttercream can’t fix! I hope the child labor laws don’t apply here…

Brian and the Pastry Chef

Speaking of Interns, with our new move to Denville, NJ we are looking for cake decorating Interns. This is a great opportunity for those interested in a career in cake design.

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