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The Italian Sandwich Cake (2170)

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Italian Cake Sandwich

Italian Cake Sandwich

Our favorite sandwich shop in Denville has reopened! Like many stores in Denville along Main Street, Sergio & Co. was hit hard when Hurricane Irene arrived back in August of 2011. Damage was extensive enough that Sergio’s had to renovate the entire store. And after many months of waiting they have finally reopened!

The staff at Pink Cake Box wanted to help celebrate the reopening with this Italian sandwich cake. We all rely on Sergio’s delicious food and could not wait for the reopening!

Deli meats for Italian Sub Cake

Ham, Prosciutto, Mortadella, Fresh Moz, Roasted Red Peppers, Greens, on Italian Roll - The Italian

Here’s the staff after we delivered the cake to the deli:

Pink Cake Box Staff

Pink Cake Box Staff at Sergios

Sergio and his cake:


Sergio with his cake

Here’s a video we shot at the bakery:

Update: Ginny left us this message on facebook. Glad they enjoyed it!

So we cut it & ate it after work today- so good!!

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