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“The Corpse Bride” Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake (2531)

This unique topsy turvy wedding cake is themed after Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. It has alternating tiers of white cake with hazelnut and chocolate ganache and red velvet with raspberry chambord and white chocolate ganache.

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake Jack Danger Skellington
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40 Comments for ““The Corpse Bride” Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake”

  • Melissa says:

    This turned out very neat. I bet the couple who ordered this was very pleased!

  • Amy says:

    Was the cake topper purchased or handmade?

  • Tracy Lynch says:

    This cake is amazing, I live in the UK so unfortunately I can’t order a cake. I was just wondering is the top a cake topper? if so could you advise me where i could order the toper?

    Thanks for your help…


  • Anne says:

    Thanks for the compliments. The bride and groom purchased the topper and embellished it a bit with their own creative touch.

  • Anon says:

    Holy moly..this is my future wedding cake!! I LOVE THIS CAKE!! It must have been delicious..but I would be kind of sad to eat such a illustrous creation..mmm cake =]

  • Hannah says:

    I think this cake is really cool!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow…it looks so pretty and yummy! I think it’s awesome!

    Um…suppose someone wanted to order this cake-not as a wedding cake, but as a birthday cake. Is that in anyway possible?

    Other than that, I love this cake, it is sooo awesome!

  • Beth says:

    This cake is amazing. I love this movie and now a cake to go with it…….amazing!! I can’t wait to get married so I can get this cake!!!

  • Anne says:

    Anonymous – all our cakes are custom made to our customers specification. So yes, it can be created as a birthday cake. In fact someone has already requested that.

    Beth – Thanks Beth! I’m glad you like it!

  • june butterfield says:

    My fiance and I are wanting to have this cake at our wedding, however we got a nightmare before christmas wedding topper instead. The entire reception is halloween themed and I wanted to know how do we order this cake and how is it delivered??

  • Prue says:

    i loved this cake!! it is so unique and original. I LUV IT!!!!!!
    this is my future wedding cake. it is also very creative!!! =:-)

  • Anne says:

    June – please contact us for further information about ordering. We offer a delivery service or you can pick up the cake at our shop. More info is available in our FAQ section

  • angela says:

    your creativity and style is breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love a cake for my wedding with kermit and miss piggy!!

  • Jo Bickey says:

    I am really, really keen to get one of your corpse bride cakes, however I live in the UK – do you now anyone who could do this cake for me in the UK?

  • My daughter LOVES this cake. I love it too. I have been looking at cakes for days and I saw this and I hollered at my 13 year old daughter, who was Corpse Bride two Halloweens ago – “Come here, you’ve gotta see this!”

    She looked at the screen, her mouth opened and she said, “Woah, that’s AWESOME!”

    Thanks for injecting a bit of whimsy into our evening!

  • Anne says:

    Heather – I laughed reading your comment. Thanks for making my day.

    Jo – There are several talented cake designers in the UK. I love Maisie Fantaisie but this may not be her style. You could also try Michelle Cakes

    Angela – Thanks for your comment!

  • diana says:

    hola las tortas me parecen muy hermosa felicito al chef

  • vicky says:

    i love this cake…. its so odd in a great way!!!

  • Alice says:

    This is such an amazing cake! i live in california tho. where do you think i could find a cake like this?

  • danielle says:

    I would like to thank you for creating cakes outside of the box for the couples that have ordered already and the couples like me and my husband that will order in the future, we fell in love with every aspect of this cake and i look forward to contacting you when me and my husband are close to ordering for our 5th year anniversary, we are planning on renewing our vows with a wedding since we eloped the first time. thank you for giving us hope that we will get our dream cake since we have been searching for 4 years.

  • Anne says:

    Wow Danielle that means a lot to me 🙂 Four years of searching! Thanks so much for making my day…

  • Amanda says:

    My friend sent me a picture of this saying “This made me think of you.” I absolutely adore this cake. My fiance and I are planning a long engagement to save enough money for our “dream wedding” and I believe I can stop looking for someone to make my cake. I will have start thinking more about what I want, but I know I love the topsy turvy idea. I will be in touch ^_^

    The only down fall is I live in Maine and saw that you guys can not ship, but read that you can deliver in some places in Connecticut. That turned into great news. My mom recently moved there, so hopefully I will be able to work something out with her.

    Have bookmarked your page, and will be looking forward to connecting with you in the near future.

  • Anne says:

    Amanda – Congratulations and I hope we are able to work together in the future.

  • Patricia Curtis says:

    The corpse bride cake is fabulous. My daughter lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Will you be able to refer anyone to me so I can get this cake for her wedding in August this year.

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Patricia. The team at Deliciously Different Cakes in St. Albert does some beautiful wedding cake work. You could try them out.

  • Ali says:

    This cake is really cool! I like how it is lopsided, and how it goes with the whole theme in such a nice and creative way which brings out the idea of the movie as well. Nice job!

  • alexis says:

    i love love love the 3rd cake you have posted. i just got engaged and my fiance and i love the cake!
    how can we contact you about getting one in the future when we actually have the wedding planned?

  • Anne says:

    Alexis – Thanks! Please see our contact page for contact information.

  • Becky says:

    This cake is breath takingly stunning!! The corspe Bride is my second favourite film to Nightmare before Christmas. I got engaged last year but unfortunatly live in the UK but if I could I would fly out just to purchase one of you cakes!!

  • elena says:

    you guys should really considering expanding!the rest of the nation would love to have some of your cakes!

    i was wondering if you guys would consider delivering to Massachusetts,its right near NY,i would love to get my friend a graduation cake from you guys!=D

  • Natalie says:

    I live in Tasmania, Australia and I absolutely love this cake, my partner and I love the movie and was wondering if there was any way to order the cake topper?


  • Kerstin says:

    This Cake is what we want for our wedding in May; yes May and the complete decoration will be dark violett and light blue :o)

    We live in Germany so there is no chance at all to get us our dream cake but I might win the lottery and then I’ll be there to pick it up! Your cakes are works of art and I bow my head…

    All the best and I would be greatfull for a tip if you know someone in Germany???


  • Lexi says:

    Oh wow i absolutly love this cake! My fiance and I are getting married on March next year and would love to get this cake made for us.
    Only problem is we live in Melbourne Australia. Do you know of any good cake makers here that would make that cake?

    Thankyou 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Hi Lexi,

      Thanks for the comment, but unfortunately I don’t know of any cake decorators in Australia. I’m sure google could help you out 🙂

  • Haley says:

    You have no idea how much I love this cake! you’re making me think a traditional cake is no good.

  • Cecile says:

    Oh mon Dieu ce gâteau est absolument magnifique, je veux le même quand je me marierai ! Bien sûr j’ai le temps d’y réfléchir je n’ai que 19 ans… Bravo c’est très impressionnant !

    Oh my God this cake is absolutely wonderful, I want the same one when I’ll get married ! Of course I’ve got the time to think about it, I’m only 19… but congratulations, it’s really amazing ! 🙂

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