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Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake! (2350)

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35th Birthday Cake for Dentist

Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake

Guess what filling is inside this cake? 🙂

Paula reached out to us and asked if we could help design a cake for her fiancé’s 35th birthday. He’s a dentist and since he recently opened his own practice we worked with her to incorporate a dentist related theme into the cake.

Old fashion toothpaste tube

Retro Toothpaste Tube

The sculpted tooth cake includes a cartoon-like face on the front with two bucktooth teeth. Next to the tooth is a navy blue toothbrush with the birthday boy’s name in white block letters on the handle. The brush sits next to a retro toothpaste tube with toothpaste pouring out to form the 35 for Phillip’s birthday.


Phillip’s black toothbrush

Happy Birthday Phillip we hope you really “chomped” down on this one!

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