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Difference between Fondant, Sugar Paste and Gum Paste? (124)

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Hi, you make the most beautiful flowers! As someone new to this, can I ask – what’s the difference between fondant flowers, sugar paste and gum paste? I think you’ve mentioned each when referencing your flowers and I’m very confused. Thanks for any help you can give me, you truly are an artist! 🙂

Thanks for your interest! Sorry to have confused you! Gumpaste and Sugarpaste are basically the same thing. It is a edible sugar dough that is made with gum known as Gum Tragacanth which makes it easy to shape like modeling clay. It is stronger than fondant, and also dries more quickly. It is used for sugar flowers and decorations. Fondant is also a sugar dough but remains softer for longer -and is used mostly to cover cakes and for some decoration.

Hope this helps!


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