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Stingray Groom’s Cake (2381)

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Ocean creature groom's cake

Blue Spotted Stingray Groom’s Cake

This bluespotted stingray cake was created for a couple who both have a love and appreciation for sea life. The groom, who the cake was especially made for, is especially a fan of the stingray so it was only appropriate for us to create this cake for him.

Blue Spotted Stringray Eyes

Close-up stingray’s eyes and spiracles.

In the picture above you’ll see the stingray’s bright yellow eyes. Directly behind eyes are the stingray’s spiracles which allow them to breathe.

The couple celebrated at the ballroom at Camden Aquarium which is an absolutely perfect venue for this cake! (On a side note we are taking our son tomorrow to the same aquarium and he’s super excited to see all the sea life!)

Stingray's tail

Stingray’s tail

Inside the ray is orange velvet with creamsicle filling. The orange velvet was created to coordinate with the couple’s orange and black wedding colors.

Kuhl's stingray

Stingray color is light green with bleu spots

Stay tuned for the couple’s wedding cake which we’ll be posting soon. It also has a sea life theme!

Here’s a video we shot at the bakery:

Congratulations to the couple!

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