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Star Wedding Cake (980)

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Star wedding cake

This wedding cake is a twist on a cake we did for Brides NJ magazine back in the Fall of 2007. It includes a hot raspberry pink cummerbund on all three tiers along with a crystal silver star and decorative silver glittery stars on each tier.

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5 Comments for “Star Wedding Cake”

  • Tabitha says:

    Hey Anne,
    I just wanted to say I’m not a fan of much, but I’m definitely a fan of your cakes! I think you did great in the wedding cake challenge and your only fault was being too nice and trying to please your client, so that’s not bad! I wish you continues success with your cakes!

  • Jenn says:

    Ooh that’s gorgeous! Swap out that pink for navy, and you’ve got exactly what I’ve been picturing for my someday-in-the-distant-future wedding.

  • Your cake is beautiful! I like to dabble in cake decorating, but my cakes never turn out that good. Having played around with it makes me appreciate good cakes when I see them! I really like reading your blog – looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful cakes!

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