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Sports Groom’s Cake (782)

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As promised, here’s the groom’s cake we created for Jennifer and Geoff’s wedding. Jennifer asked us to combine two of Geoff’s favorite sports – rock climbing and telemark skiing. The entire cake was chocolate with oreos and cream.

Rock Climbing Mountain and Skiing on Cake

Rock Climber & Skier Cake


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8 Comments for “Sports Groom’s Cake”

  • Wow, really a nice cake. Here in Italy is unusual to see this kind of wedding cake.

  • Jennifer Thomas says:

    Anne and the PCB team (again),
    Seriously…. SERIOUSLY!!!!…. you guys are amazing. People cannot stop talking about this cake. I have gotten texts, facebook messages, picture comments, etc. about your amazing creation. I don’t know what I can say that I didn’t say in my other post (about the cupcake cake) regarding your talent….. I know I didn’t mention this in my other post – but these cakes were soooo delicious. The chocolate and oreo combination in the groom’s cake was phenomenal (as were all the other fantastic combinations). My brother practically inhaled the wedge of cake I gave him and his wife…… I know I am just rambling here, but that’s because I still cannot comprehend how you did what you did. The rock climber and skiier looked just like Geoff, and we have saved them and are trying to figure out how to preserve them forever!!! Thank you so so so very much for creating your masterpieces and making our wedding cakes over-the-top fantastic!
    Your fan for life and forever PCB groupie,

  • Nadia says:

    As always – STUNNING!!!

    On a different subject – Noticed a youtube member/user posting a presentation of “his/hers” cakes and the prices for them. Noticed that most of the pics were stolen from websites, there is a picture of your cake at the :49 second. I’ve been looking at your cakes for hours now and know them by heart 🙂 It even has your website in the corner but it’s so small no one can notice it in the quick presentation.

    check it out

  • Alicia says:

    Beautiful cakes as always Anne & PCB staff….My mom and I would love to visit your shop (we live in Virginia)! Do you offer such service? lol….

    Nadia – pretty sad isn’t it? What happened to making your own creations? Seriously, we all know how PCB’s work looks! 🙂


  • Anne says:

    @Jen – Your comment could be our best testimonial yet! Thanks so much 🙂

    Thanks Nadia. And thanks for pointing out the unscrupulous use of our photos.

    @Alicia – Thanks! We don’t offer such a service, but maybe in the future when we open a retail shop 🙂

  • Cynthia says:

    Felicidades no por tus pasteles, sino por tus obras de arte, porque eso es lo que son. Promociona lo más que puedas estas bellezas porque no debes dejar guardada tanto ingenio e inovación. Besitos

  • Abbie says:

    this is a strange idea for a wedding cake but it’s cool i love it

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