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Snow Leopard Birthday Cake (2171)

Snow Leopard Cake

Snow Leopard Birthday Cake

Chris reached out to us and asked if we could design a special cake for his wife Christine’s 40th birthday. Christine is a veterinarian who loves cats. Years ago, she did some work at the Cape May Zoo, and loves animals of all types.

Of all the animals, her favorite is the Snow Leopard. In addition, she is a huge fan of the show Deadliest Catch and loves everything about crabs including crab fishing and eating crabs. As Chris said, crabs in the theme is an absolute must!

Snow Leopard with crab

Snow Leopard cake with crab in his mouth

So we worked with Chris to combine two of his wife’s favorite things – a snow leopard and crabs into the theme of the cake. The result was this sitting snow leopard holding a Tanner snow crab in his mouth. Chris provided us images for both the crab cake and leopard to help us ensure the likeness was accurate. (With this wife being a veterinarian we were worried she would spot any inaccuracies :))

Inside the cat is banana with 2 layers of chocolate buttercream and one layer of hazelnut buttercream. We delivered the cake to the Stone Bar Inn in Stroudsburg, PA.

Back of black and white snow leopard cake

Back of Snow Leopard Cake

We received this wonderful Facebook comment from Christine and are thrilled she enjoyed the cake. What a great testimonial. Thanks Christine!

There are no words I can adequately use to tell you how beautiful this cake was. I hated to even cut it, but since I am a veterinarian, I was tasked with making that first incision! It was beyond MY dream cake – being a big cat lover – notably snow leopards..and being a HUGE Deadliest Catch fan. My dream bday cake would have cats/crabs but this was beyond anything in my head. The detail on the cat and the crab are stunning. Your work is amazing !!! AND the cake was delicious – banana with hazelnut and chocolate fillings. EVERYONE was impressed. You are amazingly talented artists!

Update: Chris left what is perhaps the BEST testimonial we’ve ever received! What a gracious couple and we are grateful and flattered for his feedback!

Many many thanks to Allison for her patience with me during the ordering process. I spent time researching the Internet for a quality cake designer, but the few I found within 100 miles were unable to accommodate the relatively short notice (just over a month). However, I was wowed by the artistry I witnessed in the Pink Cake Box gallery. I sent them an email request and Allison contacted me the next day.

Given Anne’s background and experience, I was thrilled that they were willing to help me surprise Christine for her birthday. I spent a few days hashing out what exactly I should get in terms of size, shape, theme, and flavors. Allison guided me along and for that I am grateful.

When we arrived at the Stone Bar Inn for the party, Christine thought there was a stuffed animal snow leopard on the bar. When her friends told her to look at her cake, she freaked out!

Not having had a chance to visit the Pink Cake Box facility for sampling, I trusted that the cake would accurately represent what Allison and I discussed visually, and that the cake would be pleasing to the palate. But, when I took my first bite of Christine’s cake, I was stupefied at how much better it tasted than I had expected. This was, hands down, the best, most moist and flavorful cake I had ever eaten.

If I ever need such a cake again, I will definitely turn to Anne and her talented crew.

Thanks again, Pink Cake Box, for helping me make the best of my beautiful wife’s 40th birthday!

Here’s a video we shot at the bakery:

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