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Sizzling Summer Themed Cakes from Pink Cake Box

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Summer is the perfect time to host a sweet event. Whether you’re throwing a garden gala or a backyard barbecue bash, you can make it memorable with amazing summer themed cakes.

Our top Summer Cakes!

But what comes to mind when you think of summer? In this article we’ll feature cakes made with some of the top symbols of your favorite season:

  • Oceans and Seashores
  • Luaus
  • Tasty Treats
  • Patriotism
  • Garden Flowers
  • Sports and Leisure Activities
  • Cuddly (or Not So Cuddly) Critters

So grab your flip-flops (or your flip-flop cake!) and a glass of lemonade as we stroll through a collection of Pink Cake Box’s best summer themed cakes and desserts .

Oceans of Fun

If you dream of bringing the beauty of the sea to your dessert table, the sky’s the limit. Summer themed cakes can be made to look like sand castles, sweeping ocean waves or coated in shimmery, edible seashells.

SandCastle Cake, summer themed cakes

What’s more fitting than a sandcastle for your summer themed cake?

summer themed cakes

Edible seashells are beautiful and delicious!

Or perhaps you prefer a nautical themed cake? Lined with boats, anchors and crustaceans, your guests will think they’ve docked on the New England coast!

Childrens Themed Sailboat Cake

A nautical themed cake for your summertime event!

Lobster Wedding Cake, summer themed

These lobsters are a summer time treat!

And sometimes you just like hanging out on the beach with a fruity drink. In that case, a tropical cake might work best, featuring you sitting pretty atop your very own summer paradise. That’s what we created for our client Kristen’s 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Beach Themed Cake, summer themed

A tropical summer might be for you!

Terrific Tikis

Celebrate summer Hawaiian style! Adorn your cake with neon tikis or sweet hula dancers. Bring the spirit of the islands right to your party with a luau themed cake. Aloha and mahalo!

Tropical summer Themed Birthday Cakes for Children

A trio of tiki cakes will make your party pop!

Neon colors and vibrant hues make these cakes the focal point of any party.

Tasty Treats

What foods do you enjoy in the summer? S’mores are one of the most popular seasonal snacks of all time. So who could resist a cake made to look like their beloved treat? Flavors can be catered to your desire- this creation was chocolate with an Oreo cream filling.

Graham Cracker Smores Bar Mitzvah Cake, summer themed cakes

What could be more summer themed than a s’mores cake?

Does a family picnic kindle your fondest feelings for summer? Bring that feeling right indoors with your very own picnic basket cake. This one is actually shaped like a real picnic basket, complete with fondant bread, cheese, and a drumstick! And what picnic would be complete without an edible ant? Now that’s a summer themed cake to remember!

Sculpted Picnic Basket Anniversary Cake, summer themed cake

A cake shaped like a picnic basket? Yes, please!

This little teddy bear wants the picnic all to himself. He sits atop a cupcake tower on a red and white checkered blanket, ready for a 1st birthday party. The fondant critters stay on each cupcake, where they belong!

Birthday Teddy Bear Picnic Cupcake Tree

A teddy bear picnic for summer! How fitting!

A Piece of Patriotism

If you’re celebrating an event near the Fourth of July, there’s always dessert for you. Red, white and blue fondant adorns this topsy turvy masterpiece, highlighted with glittering stars.

Red, White & Blue 4th of July Patriotic Cake

A patriotic themed summer cake is memorable and fun.

Your cake can reflect your love of America, too, even if it’s not the 4th of July. Check out this Americana inspired 1st birthday cake, with airbrushed accents and a patriotic fondant teddy bear on top! Believe it or not, this cake is gluten-free and the tiers are made in red, white and blue to mimic the American flag. You can’t get more patriotic than that!

Red, White and Blue American Flag Cake

A summer Americana themed cake for a 1st Birthday Party!

Grab a beach ball cake pop for some summer fun! The perfect miniature cake treat for a beach or pool theme birthday party!

Beach Ball Cake Pops

Grab a beach ball cake pop and celebrate summer fun!

A Feast of Flowers

Summer flowers come in every color of the rainbow. Create your own edible garden right at the dessert table by showering your cake with summertime flora.

Orange Green Pink Wedding Cake

Summer flowers adorn this bright and beautiful cake.

Or have your cake shaped like a tropical flower, like this gorgeous (and delicious!) Hawaiian Hibiscus.

Happy Birthday Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Cake

A hibiscus shaped cake is almost too pretty to eat. But not quite!

We can’t pass up a summertime post without including our favorite line of garden themed birthday cakes!

1st Birthday Garden Themed Cakes

Awesome Activities

The luckiest surfers in the world get to ride fondant waves! Whether it’s a girl surfer…

Surfer Girl Bat Mitzvah Cake

A summer themed surfer cake!

…or a boy, these edible cuties hang ten in the sweetest form. This cupcake topper even included a little boy surfer and his dogs. Talk about lucky pups!

Dogs & Child Surfing Cupcake Topper Cake

A surfer boy and his pups hanging ten on the cupcake topper!

Sometimes there are so many sports to choose from in the summer that you just can’t decide what to do next. This nature/sports themed cake features a plethora of activities, including sailing, canoeing, waterskiing, biking, roasting marshmallows and more. And to top it off, this cake is nut-free. Phew!

Surfing Summer Inspired 30th Birthday Cake

Surfing Summer Inspired 30th Birthday Cake

Continuing the surfing theme, this surfboard inspired cake was for an avid surfer. We managed to replicate all four of the man’s surfboards in full detail around the base of the cake tier.

Camping and Nature Topsy Turvy Cake

So many summer activities on one cake!

If you prefer diving deep beneath frosted blue waves, then a scuba themed cake might be in order.

Shark and Scuba Themed Grooms Cake

This groom’s cake is summery and fun!

This groom’s cake was inspired by the groom’s favorite hobby, scuba diving. You’ll find the groom in scuba gear being chased by sharks (but don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the sharks are the ones about to be eaten!).

Sailing, boating and fishing are all favorite past-times of summer. Your multi-layered cake can feature an individual sailboat right at the top, customized with a familiar fondant fisherman (or woman!).

70th Fisherman Birthday Cake

A fisherman enjoying some summer fun.

Think bigger– your summer themed cake can even be the sailboat, like this cake created to look like a real-life Precision 23 sailboat.

Birthday Sailboat Cake

A delicious sailboat on a sea of fondant…

Summer Themed Cakes Need Critters, Too!

We can’t forget our little friends of summer. Creepy crawlies turn cute with these garden bug cupcakes, perfect for children’s birthdays or summer baby showers.

Cupcakes ladybug caterpillar butterflies dragonflies

Garden bug cupcakes make cute displays at summer themed parties and events!

And butterflies bring the beauty of nature to any event, especially when the cake is ombre!

Ombre Butterfly Blue Wedding Cake

Ombre butterflies bring the beauty of summer indoors.

And these sweet seahorses sit regally atop this wedding cake, which was held at an aquarium.

Seahorse couple wedding cake

A seahorse cake can be the highlight of a summer wedding!

Summer critters are even found underwater. Some of our favorite ocean animals make their way to the dessert table, like this giant stingray, who happened to be the perfect subject for a specialized groom’s cake.

Ocean creature grooms cake

This stingray is nothing but sweet and makes a perfect summer treat!

Last, but certainly not least, our favorite critters of all – ladybugs! We love ladybugs at Pink Cake Box and always look for opportunities to incorporate them into our cakes!

Birthday Cake for Twins with bright colors

Ladybugs decorate this summertime garden birthday cake

Summer may only last a few months, but your guests will always remember the amazing summer themed cake you served during the hottest season of the year!

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