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Sammy’s Graduation Cake (2950)

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Sammy has graduated community college and is NYU bound!

We had the pleasure of working with Sammy’s mom Eve for her daughters High School graduation cake back in 2013. This time, we worked with the family to create a cake for her graduation from community college this past June.

The graduation party was beached themed (her campus is on the water and has a beach) so we worked in several beach elements into the cake including starfish, sand, and a life preserver. A gum paste replica of Sammy sits on the second tier dressed in her graduation gown and flip flops with a sign reading “NYU Bound!”.

Graduation Cap Beach Themed Cake

Graduation Cap Beach Themed Cake

It was great to connect with Eve again for this cake and congratulations to Sammy and we wish her the best of success at NYU!!

Eve was kind enough to send this wonderful letter to Renee after the event. This letter made the entire staff’s day!

Hi Renee,

The cake and the cupcakes were a smash success. The graduation cake that Pink Cake Box created for Sammy was stunningly gorgeous! When we arrived to the restaurant, the staff already had the cake on display and we had it there on its table during the entire party, which had 40 guests for 5 hours in a private room. Everyone took photos with the cake, especially the guest of honor, and had fun spotting all the little details throughout.

Having worked closely with cake artist Nicole on the design elements, I knew it would be lovely, but in person it really took our breath away. Sammy was thrilled by it, and of course, loved that her little graduation-gown-clad figure was on the cake holding the “NYU Bound” sign. As for the taste, again, amazing. The top was vanilla funfetti, while the bottom was the pineapple-coconut (which is my favorite since it tastes like a pina colada); the cupcakes were chocolate and everyone remarked about how moist they were. The cupcakes went insanely fast and everyone kept asking if there were more. Now I know for next time, double the amount chocolate cupcakes!

This was my second time using Pink Cake Box for an event, and both times I was so pleased with everything. I could not have been happier with how it turned out. Thank you all so much this wonderful creation, a photo of which will now grace the Thank You cards, and for being so pleasant to work with and for providing such amazing and memorable custom desserts.


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