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Rubber Ducky Bathtub Baby Shower Cake (1893)

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This rubber duck bathtub cake was created for a baby shower. What made this cake fun for me was that my brother, Serge, helped me with it. With a few weeks off before he starts his new job, he decided he’d like to come in one day to work with me.

Rubber Duckies in Tub

Yellow Ducks in Bathtub

This was a great cake to work with him on because he really got a kick out of ’tiling’ the floor. He actually said to me ‘ I’m not sure if you knew this, but cardiologists tend to be perfectionists.’ Ha! I’d certainly hope so! :) Anyhoo – his perfectionism is apparent in the impeccable tile floor! He was also a little agitated at me that the plumbing on the tub appears to be ‘coming from nowhere.’ It’s artistic license…no ?

Anyway, I want to take this opportunity to thank my brother for coming in to work… and if the whole doctor thing doesn’t work out for him…he could have a promising career creating cakes…especially ones involving realistic plumbing!

Amy left us this comment recently about the cake. Thanks Amy!

This was for my sister’s baby shower and the floor was amazing so thank you Serge!!!! I LOVED this cake and my VW bug cake from my wedding!!!! Anne is the best!!!

Serge & Anne with their cake

Serge & me with our duckies cake

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