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Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake (1892)

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Rubber Duck Baby Shower Cake

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Nina reached out to us to see if create a baby shower cake for her rubber ducky themed baby shower in Nutley, NJ. We created this 3 tier cake topped with a wooden barrel filled with water and a rubber duck to match the party’s invitation. It might just be my favorite one yet!

Rubber Ducky in wooden barrel

Rubber Ducky in Wooden Barrel

The middle and bottom tiers were covered in matching light blue fondant with cutout clouds and a clothesline. The base of each tier was decorated with piped grass and scattered bubbles.

Flavors and fillings included vanilla & red velvet cake with chocolate, hazelnut, raspbery chambord and oreos and cream buttercream. Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

From the video:

We have a three tier baby shower cake here which is soo cute I can’t even handle it. It’s a little rubbery ducky on top of a little barrel. And down here there’s a little clothesline with clothes, bubbles, grass, clouds, one-piece, bibs, shorts – all inspired by the invitation for the shower.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t flash back to some of our previous ducky cakes:

Rubber Ducky Tub CakeRubber Ducky Tub Cake

Here we have a paddling of ducks (I had to look up the proper term to use when referring to a group of ducks, and according to this site, when a group of ducks are in the water together they are referred to as “paddling”.)

Another paddling of ducks, but this time in the bathub:

Yellow Rubber Ducky's in the Bathub

Yellow Rubber Ducky's in the Bathub

Update: Was thrilled to receive both these comments from John & Nina:

Hi Anne, thank you so much for our designing our baby shower cake. I’ve been dying to message you to thank you. It was absolutely beautiful. It was the main event of the party lol everyone loved the cake and the design 🙂 Well worth it. I am so happy we got to work with you. The sugar cookies were awesome too 🙂 Thank you! I can’t wait for our next family event! We are very impressed with your work and cake! It really matched the invitations 🙂

Hey there Anne, Nina just showed me this and it’s so awesome how much fun went into making the cake 🙂 It really was a hit and of the 40 people there, 40 people asked, “Where did you get the cake? It’s so cute.” When we were setting up, the owner of the restaurant took out his Phone and started taking pictures as well to show his family in Europe because he was flying out for vacation after the party. Thank you so much for bringing this to life, it was so good! We appreciate it.

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