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Rena’s Sleepover Themed Birthday Cake (2556)

Back in 2007 Rena’s mom Abbie reached out to us for Rena’s first birthday cake. Soon after the family moved to Japan. Fast forward to 2013 and the family is now back in the US and Rena is celebrating her 7th birthday!

Rena's 7th Birthday Cake

Rena’s 7th Birthday Cake

The party’s theme was really cute – a “fake” sleepover PJ party. Every invitee brought their favorite American Girl Doll and play. Rena is also a huge fan of baking and had a LOT of input into the cake. She envisioned the base of the cake as a pillow and asked that we include her favoirate American Girl Doll on top in a sleeping bag.

Following Rena’s advice, we decorated the cake with things about her party. The cake includes a mixture of all things she likes to do. We included flags from the three countries she lived in (Japan, Sigapore and US). Rena is also a big fan of traveling and sushi – so of course we included her favorite cucumber sushi rolls.

Rena also loves playing with make-up and baking – hence the make-up and cupcake atop the pink pillow.

Happy 7th Birthday Rena! We were sooo happy we could do you cake again and welcome you back to the US!

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