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Real Wedding – Cape May New Jersey Wedding (1576)

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Wedding Topsy Turvy Purple Flower Cake

Topsy Turvy Flower Wedding Cake

Capturing good shots of our cakes is always a challenge, especially since we are not professional photographers and the light at our shop is sometimes challenging. That’s why we are always excited to come across professionally shot photos of our wedding cakes.

I was blown away after viewing this shot of our topsy turvy wedding cake from Laura & Paul’s photography blog. Take a look at our version of the Topsy Turvy Flower wedding cake and then take a look at the beautiful shot that Laura took. Laura’s version is beautiful with the sun setting and silhouette of the cake against the wall. The photo is absolutely breathtaking!

Too see more photos of the wedding check out Laura & Paul’s photography blog and head over to Laura Eaton Photography website to see their entire portfolio.

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