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Q&A – How to get started in a baking career?

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Sandra posted the following question recently:

Dear Anne,
I think your cakes are just the most gorgeous things! They look too good to eat–but that wouldn’t stop me! LOL I wonder if you could give me some advice. I’ve been interested in baking for many years now. I tried to sell “cookie trays” for showers and weddings about ten years ago or so, but didn’t do too well. Some people did not appreciate that I used real butter & quality ingredients, and I got pretty discouraged.
Now, after a visit to the CIA in Hyde Park, I am inspired again to take up baking once more. I’ve never really done cakes. What advice would you give someone who might want to do the sort of work you do? How did you get started? Are you able to do this full time? Do you miss advertising? I am in public relations myself, and was formerly a reporter. Anything you can tell me would be very helpful. Thanks!

Hi Sandra,

Thanks so much for your kind words! The best advice I can give you is to follow your dream. I would sign up for some pastry classes to see if you really could see yourself doing this as a career. I know FCI has some ‘amateur’ classes as they call them that introduce you to all sorts of baking basics. I’m sure CIA has many courses as well, but I’m not familiar with their curriculum. Also, we are planning on running our own baking classes starting in ’07. Sign up here to be notified when the classes are available.

After I started at FCI, I apprenticed with Ron-Ben Israel Cakes in New York City. This type of internship was wonderful experience for me, and solidified my determination to start my own cake business.

At first I had to work at a restaurant until I started getting more business. But now I’m doing this full-time, and no I don’t miss advertising 🙂 Of course I miss my co-workers and sometimes long for a meeting that I could sit-down in for hours 🙂 . But the best part of advertising for me was using my creativity …. which is definitely being utilized now! I hope this helps…and best of luck! Keep in touch, I’d love to hear about your ‘pastry’ journey!

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One Comment for “Q&A – How to get started in a baking career?”

  • yemisi allen says:

    pls iwant to know if u have any classes for baking career soon ,cos ilove all your cakes design they all look gorgeous .iwould love to attend the baking class.

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