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Q&A – Cupcake Questions (210)

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I recently got this question from Michelle:

I love to bake and i think i have tried every cake and cupcake recipe out there. Do you have a good cupcake recipe you can send me? Also, my cupcakes never get that dome pretty look. How do you do that? Mine get all crispy on the edges and are flat. Do you have any suggestions? And finally, do you use foil cups or paper cups? Which one is better? Thanks soo much..

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your email! I recommend getting Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cake Bible. It’s a great book – and explains a lot about the science of baking. My initial reaction to your problem is possibly that your recipe has too much baking powder in it – try reducing the recipe by 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp. Often sunken cakes are a result of too much baking powder. Also it’s possible the cupcakes are overbaking or you may be overmixing your batter.

The Cake Bible is a really good asset because it explains a lot about why these factors affect your outcome. I hope this helps! Also, to answer your last question, I use paper cups. I like the way they look and I don’t think the cake sticks to the paper as much as it sticks to the aluminum foil.
Good Luck!

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