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Our Most ‘Pup-ular’ Dog Breed Cakes! (3)

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Everyone knows that dog is man’s best friend, so why not pay homage to your furry companion with a cake?  Dog breed cakes are one of our most ‘pup-ular’ novelty cakes.  We love when clients bring in photos of their pets to see if we can replicate them in cake form.  And although many of these cakes look too cute to eat, we assure you that eating them is cruelty-free!
Our favorite dog cakes!

Our favorite dog cakes!

Bulldog Cakes

We have made a number of bulldog cakes over the years, mostly as grooms cakes.  Each cake is  hand-sculpted and airbrushed by our amazing artists, like this handsome guy!  He was created as a grooms cake and contains chocolate cake with oreo and cream filling.

English Bulldog Grooms cake from the Bride

A bulldog cake for a groom

This big guy is a gluten-free bulldog cake!  Want to try some of our gluten-free treats for yourself?  Check out our retail boutique and try something from our gluten-free menu!

Pink Cake Box Cake

A gluten-free bulldog cake!

Our bulldog cakes are so popular that we actually created two  in a single week.  One was a surprise cake and the other was a grooms cake.

Bulldog Cake Groom

Not one, but two bulldog cakes!

You can view a video of these fabulous bulldog buddies being created.

So many bulldogs, so little time!  We created cakes that looked like our client’s dog, Rupert…

English Bulldog Cake

Rupert the Bulldog cake!

And another dog named Panda…

Bulldog Grooms Cake

Panda the Bulldog cake.

Don’t  forget Lucy, who sits with her ball and favorite tube of Burt’s Bees…

Grooms Bulldog Cake

Lucy the Bulldog cake.

One of our sportiest bulldogs was this fellow, who donned a green football jersey atop a patch of edible butter cream grass for a delicious grooms cake.

Bulldog Cake

This bulldog cake is ready to play!

Another sporty bulldog was this French Bulldog named Jacques-Henri.  He’s dashingly dressed and ready for basketball.

Basketball Grooms Doggy Cake

A French Bulldog cake in action!

Sometimes our bulldogs make a sneak appearance on a cake topper.  This little guy sits next to the pregnant mommy-to-be for a baby shower. Beautiful pink cupcakes sit beside them for the guests.

Pregnant Mommy-to-be with Pink Cupcake Topper

A bulldog on a cupcake topper

Other Dog Breed Cakes

We’re certainly not limited to bulldogs!  Here at Pink Cake Box, the sky’s the limit, and we have created dog breed cakes of many shapes and sizes. One of our most notable dog cakes is Juicy, the yorkshire terrier.  We’ve created several cakes in her likeness, including this sculpted beauty for a rehearsal dinner.

Edible Yorkie Terrier Dog Cake

Our Yorkie cake!

We recreated Juicy again for a 30th birthday cupcake tower.  Juicy wore her diva glasses and pink feathers for the occasion. The cupcakes were pink velvet flavored with matching leopard liners.

Pink Cake Box Cake

A Yorkie cupcake tower.

Juicy is not alone, of course.  We’ve created other Yorkshire Terrier cakes, including Lola, the graduation cake.  Isn’t she cute with her little leopard-print, fondant bow?

Yorkies face in cake!

Another Yorkie cake, close-up.

This dog breed cake was created to look like Max, a beloved dachshund, for a 40th birthday.  He was carrot cake with cream cheese filling.  if you like carrot cake, stop by the Pink Cake Box Retail Boutique and take home some of our yummy gluten-free carrot cupcakes!

Pink Cake Box Cake

A dachshund cake.

Talk about a focal point!  This smiling face is a yellow labrador grooms cake, wearing his favorite sports jersey.  Our client told us that he was a hit at the party.

Yellow Lab Grooms Cake

A dog breed cake ready for fun!

How about two dog breed cakes for your special occasion?  This amazing cake was created for non other than Danielle Jonas, wife of Kevin Jonas, to celebrate her 25th birthday.  Her beloved pups sit atop a fondant pink pillow.  They even have a miniature cake between them.

Morkie & Maltese Birthday cake

A double dog breed cake for a famous client.

This groom wanted double duty for his cake, too.  Sitting next to his favorite baseball cap are his two puggles, waiting for dessert atop edible sand.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Two pup cakes ready to play!

Some of our many other dog breed cakes included a French Mastiff…

Pink Cake Box Cake

Another dog breed cake.

A shih tzu…

Pink Cake Box Cake

He’s almost too cute to eat! Almost.

A Jack Russell Terrier (complete with his favorite Angry Birds toy)…

Pink Cake Box Cake

A dog cake complete with dog cake toys!

A Bichon Frise…

Pink Cake Box Cake

A smiling dog cake for mom…

And these sweeties based on family dogs…

Pink Cake Box Cake

A dapper dog cake with bowtie.

Pink Cake Box Cake

A birthday dog cake.

Pop-Up Pups

Sometimes it’s fun to have our favorite furry companions popping out of the cake itself, like this tuxedo-clad Airedale in the famous blue Tiffany box.  Note his matching ‘pupcakes!’  We made a similar doggy cake to this one of a boston terrier, too.

Gift Box Cake Tiffany Blue Dog with Tuxedo

A dog cake and pupcakes, too!

This Portuguese Water Dog simply had to be a part of the wedding by hopping right out of the cake!  At least he’s dressed for the occasion!

Pink Cake Box Cake

Another pop-up dog cake.

A smaller version of this cake with a different pup can be found here.

If you like football then you’ll appreciate this Boxer Giants fan as he pops out of a birthday cake.

Pink Cake Box Cake

A sporty dog cake!

These fashionistas couldn’t be left behind.  They are perched atop this Bat Mitzvah cake in their very own handbag.

Fashionista Handbag cake with puppies

Fashionable handbag doggie cakes!

Or maybe your dog prefers a shopping bag to a handbag, like this cute pooch who is hiding on top of another Bat Mitzvah cake!

Cute dog peering out from shopping bag

This dog cake is eager to shop!

Calling all cars!  There’s a K9 in the back seat!  This pup is popping out of his very own police patrol car.

Pink Cake Box Cake

A K-9 cake!

Dog Breed Cupcakes and Cake Toppers

A dog breed cake doesn’t have to be a sculpted novelty cake.  Some of our best dog cakes are subtle and sweet, with beloved canines making a mini appearance atop cakes and cupcakes.  Like this loyal guy, perched beside baby on this cupcake stand.

Pregnant Mommy Cupcake Tree Tiers

A doggy and mommy-to-be cupcake topper.

It’s double trouble for these two pups as they scamper on a chair, waiting for their owner.  Check out the rich, navy blue color of the fondant cake!  The interior was coconut with coconut buttercream.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Two dogs on a cake are better than one!

A doggy themed first birthday cake features a little white pup on top of a three-tiered fondant cake.  Sculpted pawprints and nameplate dog bone add sweet finishing touches.

Pink Cake Box Cake

A 1st Birthday doggy cake.

A unique idea for a baby shower, these mini cakes were created as favors for the guests to take home!  All of the cakes were chocolate hazelnut flavored.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pup Cakes!

Can you spot the doggy hanging out beside this fall-themed wedding cake?  It’s the couple’s beloved beagle, Buddy, making a guest appearance.

Pink Cake Box Cake

An autumn themed wedding cake, with dog!

If you’ve been dreaming of a canine-inspired cake for your next event, be sure to check out more of our amazing dog cakes in the Pink Cake Box gallery.  In fact, why not include all of your pets?

Pink Cake Box Cake

Not just a dog cake, but a cat cake and turtle cake, too!

Still haven’t had your fill for these canine cakes? We have more dog cakes on our Pinterest Board and by simply searching for Dog in our search area

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