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Playstation Birthday Cake (979)

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Sony PSP Playstation Video Game Console Cake

Video Game Console Cake with accessories!

It was a busy week for video game console cakes. First we created three Nintendo DSi cakes for Nintendo. We then followed that up with this Sony Playstation cake complete with a split soda and blackberry. We delivered the cake to Philadelphia, PA.

Here’s a quick video to give you a complete view of the cake:

Eric left us a great comment about the cake. Thanks Eric!!

I am the proud owner (or was the proud owner) of this cake and I am still amazed at the level of detail Pink Cake Box put into this cake. Those who know me will understand why there is a Blackberry pearl and a Pepsi can soda sitting beside the PS3; these are three things in the world I cannot live without.

The cake underneath the fondant (PS3) was red velvet with lemon cream cheese icing (Mmm Mmm Good!!!!). The PS3 controller and Pepsi can was made with rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate and layered with fondant. I believe the blackberry pearl cell phone was made with sugar.

I want to thank Vernika for getting me such an outstanding cake for my birthday and thank Pink Cake Box for all they have done.

Happy birthday to me!!!!!!

Eric followed up this wonderful testimonial nearly three years later on our You Tube video channel! Wow!

I cant believe its been 2 years since I received this cake for my birthday, but I’m still a little upset I didn’t save it. The cake was delicious though; red-velvet cake with cream cheese icing. The controller was made with a chocolate-dipped rice-crispy treat carved into the controller. And the blackberry phone was mostly sugar. Even the board was edible (fondant).

And for those who think this is fake, this just goes to show that “Pink Cake Box” did a wonderful job in creating this cake.

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