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Pink Cake Boxer of the Month!

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I do love ALL of my Pink Cake Box family…but in April I started Pink Cake Boxer of the Month (read employee of the month with a twist 🙂 ). I am a little delayed in putting up posts about the past three month’s winners – but I would like to now take this opportunity to spotlight the first…(stay tuned for May and June’s profiles!)

April 2008 Pink Cake Boxer of the Month

Tara Pink Cake Box

Tara Johnson ….Baker at Law

You might wonder why Tara Johnson is Baker at Law…well see she was a lawyer in her previous life…clever, huh?

I met Tara while I was still working out of my mother’s house. She emailed me saying how she was thinking of embarking on the pastry arts adventure. We met and chatted and off she went to ICE in NYC. During her time there, she’d email me pictures of her pastries, and notes of how she loved what she was learning. Months later she emailed again…asking if she could do her externship with Pink Cake Box. Luckily we moved into the store just in the nick of time!

In July 2007 ,Tara began at Pink Cake Box as an intern. From the very beginning Tara was extremely diligent and hard working. Her math skills were obvious as she was a whiz at multiplying recipes, altering formulas and baking to perfection! Tara became our baker extrodinaire, developing new recipes and perfecting the ones that we were already using.

Now a year later, Tara has been promoted to Manager and is responsible for the baking and production of Pink Cake Box. She is a wonderful teacher and is highly respected by all of her co-workers. Tara was chosen as Pink Cake Boxer of the month because she is a great team player. She will come in early or on her days off to help out if needed, and she is always thinking about the betterment of the business. Tara truly cares about her job and Pink Cake Box.

She is a valued asset and I am so happy that she is a part of our family. Thank you Tara!!!

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8 Comments for “Pink Cake Boxer of the Month!”

  • cathy says:

    aw baker at law, i love it- yay tara!!

  • Rainnie says:

    Hi, Anne! I’m a girl from the city of Beijing, the capital city of China. Congratulations to your success on career! All the amazing cakes look like awesome and sweet gifts~ I love them all~~ You and your workmates are so creative and successful! While I’m looking at those great pictures, I keep the thought that it may gain great success in China if there is any cake store like yours on my mind. Do you have any plan to expand your sales to China? You may consider it as an invitation~:P

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Rainnie. No plans to open in China yet, but I do appreciate the invitation!

  • Laura C says:

    Congrats to Tara! I always love to read about people who find their true calling! I’m on my 2nd career too and couldn’t be happier.

  • Gabrielle Cavani says:

    Congratulations Tara!!! Baker at law!!!! So you went from lawyer to cake decorater..hmm..yea I can definitely see why you would..ha ha!! 🙂 You are a very talented woman and deserve all the praise you get!! :0) Best of luck to you in all of your present and future endeavors!!! 🙂

  • Ray H says:

    Go Tara!! Did you get any requests yet from the NJ Dept of Corrections for a cake with a file in it?? (LOL) CONGRATS!!!

  • Emily says:

    I am a lawyer too who desperately wants to become a cake decorator! I am trying to teach myself how to do the carving and fondant work and will hopefully take a class someday. I love this website as it inspires me to try to make these beautiful cakes for my family and friends. Maybe one day I can be a baker at law too…haha. I’ve often said I could give free legal advice with every cupcake. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your work online for me to peek at during the workday.

  • dawn says:

    Tara??!! Here I am, looking for a bakery to make my daughter’s birthday cake, and I come across the pink cake box site, and I see this photo of the april 2008 employee of the month: why does she look so familiar? Lo and behold, it’s my friend and former colleague Tara!! Look at you, doing something so awesome and creative! I’ll bet your work is as impeccable as it was when we worked together, and a whole lot tastier, too!

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