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Pink Cake Box Team Building – Family Feud (1)

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Excuse the non-cake post, but this week the crew at Pink Cake Box got together for a team building event at our house. The team building event was centered around Family Feud. We split up everyone into two teams – “Team Golden Girls” & “The Real Pink Boxes of NJ” and setup Family Feud on the Nintendo Wii in our basement.

“The Real Pink Boxes of NJ” ended up winning it all but everyone went home with some sort of prize. Below are some pictures from the event.

Team Golden Girls working hard on their singage:

Emily answering “Jewelry” for the question “Name something you don’t want to run over with a vacuum”:

Team “The Real Pink Boxes of NJ” in bated breath to see if Jewelry is on the board:

Team Golden Girls huddling to figure out their answer for the steal:

Team Golden Girls examining their prize loot:

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