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Pink Cake Box in Star Ledger (2007)

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Star Ledger NJ Pink Cake BoxWe are proud to announce that Brooke Tarabour, writer for the Star Ledger’s “Taste of N.J.” column in the Savor section, recently featured Pink Cake Box:

“Each one is unusual and spectacular: some look like tiers of gift boxes, others like woven ribbons, still others like autumn harvests, and if you can picture an elegant, polka dotted cake, it’s here too…
So how does all this gorgeous stuff taste? It’s delicious…
Heap’s personal style definitely shows some flair for playfulness. She loves bright colors like hot pink and bright green and uses them a lot in her work., but she keeps her lines clean”

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One Comment for “Pink Cake Box in Star Ledger”

  • Karen Kelly says:

    Hey Anne!
    It’s karen kelly, just got engaged and stumbled upon your website! You have an amazing talent! May be calling you soon for a tasting 🙂 Hope all is well.


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