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Pi Cake (3.14) (2121)

Cake disguised as Pie

Cake disguised as Pie

Anyone heard of the holiday Pi day before? This year I had the privilege of learning about Pi day which is a celebration for math enthusiasts to honor the Greek letter (Π)! The day of celebration is 3/14 which represents the first three significant digits of Pi.

For those that need a refresher, Pi represents the ratio of the circle circumference in relation to its diameter. We use it all the time at the bakery to calculate the circumference of our cakes. For example, when decorating a cake with a ribbon we’ll use Pi to calculate the circumference of the cake to figure out how long the ribbon should be.

Pi is an important number, and if any young women or men are considering a career in baking, make sure you pay attention in math class because there are so many aspects of baking and decorating that require a good grasp of math concepts.

A slice of cake pie

A slice of cake pie

So to continue the tradition of math related cakes, we worked to create this novelty pie cake for Lee’s birthday. Lee was born on 3/14 and his parents wanted to celebrate with a Pi holiday themed birthday cake. So we worked to incorporate the popular greek symbol and holiday into Lee’s cake. Naturally, since the celebration of the holiday includes eating pie, we created a cake disguised as an apple pie.

A cross section of the cake pie

A cross section of the cake pie

The sculpted apple pie cake has a slice cut out and a standing blue rolled gumpaste number “1” for Lee’s birthday. Next to the cake is a slice of pie on a sugar plate with a sugar fork on the side. The board is covered in royal blue and white checkers along with a happy birthday message for Lee. The pie flavor was vanilla and chocolate with hazelnut buttercream.

Cake Pie Cookie

Cake Pie Cookie

Last, but certainly not least, we created these apple shaped favor cookies with the royal blue piped Pi symbol in the center.

Happy Birthday Lee!

Here’s a video we shot at the bakery:

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