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Pastry Psychology

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Slice of CakeSo today my future mother-in-law, who is a spectacular woman (Barbara if you’re reading this that’s for you :)), told me that she was thinking about the psychology behind being a pastry chef, in particular a cake designer. Barbara is a deeply intuitive person, so obviously I listened eagerly to her assessment. She said that my job not only brings me personal joy because of the love of my job, but it brings happiness to others’ parties and celebrations. My cakes become a sort of celebration centerpiece which makes me indirectly a part of each and every celebration.

I had never thought of my job this way before and it started me thinking that she’s right. Part of the reason I do love my job is because I get to know my clients through their celebrations and in a little way am present at their event.
It’s just the cherry on top – isn’t it?

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One Comment for “Pastry Psychology”

  • Anna Cakes says:

    I have always said that same thing! We get to be the life of the party — even without actually attending. Our job revolves around celebrating the joys and triumphs in people’s lives. Every cake has a story. How lucky are we?! Your work is amazing — I refer to it often for inspiration…you are truly an amazing artist!

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