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Paris Themed Ruffle Birthday Cake (2849)

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Parisian Themed Ruffle Birthday Cake

10 Birthday Cake – Parisian Themed with Eiffel Tower and Pink Ruffles

Every year we help celebrate Cameryn’s birthday and this year she turned 10! Last we created this cheetah inspired cake and this year we took the Parisian themed route.

The four tier cake is covered in white fondant and includes black piped scalloped scroll across the first three tiers. At the top of the cake sits a black Eiffel tower with a white 10 at the base of the tower commemorating Cameryn’s birthday.

Clusters of white and pink flowers adorn the base of the first tier and a black bow with a crystal brooch sits along the base of the second. The final tier is decorated with blush pink ruffled ribbon rosettes.

Paris Themed Cookies

Paris Themed Cookies

Happy Birthday Cameryn! We are so happy we were able to celebrate again with you this year!

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