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Paisley Topsy Turvy Cake (314)

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We delivered this fun topsy turvy cake to party in Florham Park for a 13 year old’s birthday celebration. The bottom tier is chocolate cake with oreo filling, and the second is chocolate cake with chocolate filling, and the top two tiers are white cake with lemon filling.

Paisely Topsy Turvy Cake

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14 Comments for “Paisley Topsy Turvy Cake”

  • aimee says:

    woowwwwzaaaa .. im having an amazing 13th birthday party themed black and white hollywood.
    This cake is extravicant n this is the cake i want its sooo me !

  • Hannah says:

    i love this cake, its so pretty!

  • Jessica says:

    Omg i am having a 13th bday party soon and i have been searching for a cake for ages ! I think i might have found the one !!!!!!!!! I will have to order it xx

  • iysh says:

    Like…..WOW, its like So PWEETI omg, is like this in England?

  • Anne says:

    Thanks everyone. We are located in Denville, NJ, not England 🙂

  • Teryn says:

    i think this cake has to be the most wonderful cake that ive ever seen. It’s so amazing in so many ways, and i will dieee to have this cake. Thank God it WILL BE MINE in january for my sweet 16*.

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Teryn! I hope we can make this cake for you… 🙂

  • Kimberly Watkins says:

    Looking for a sweet sixteen cake for my baby. Britty is a amazing girl. She has a disease called Tuberous Sclerosis. Despite the fact she has never spoke or sat unassisted she has shown everyone who come in contact with her more about living than anyone. As her mom I was not given the hope of seeing a sweet 16.. so needless to say we are going to have a wonderfull celebration. Looking for a cake that fits Britty’s special style… we tend to go with bright pink/black or pink and brown combos

  • Anne says:

    Hi Kimberly – Sorry for the late reply. Please contact me and we can work to find something that fits your needs. In the meantime, try the following:

    Sweet 16 Cakes
    Pink Cakes
    Pink & Brown Cakes



  • paola says:

    oh emm geee! im so excited i think i just found my babygirls first birthday cake. i never had a sweet sixteen becaus ei was pregnant so i wanna make her an amazing 1st birthday that i can celebrate too. thanks pink cake box for hooking me up! <3

  • Aggie says:

    Could you deliver as far as to Chicago..?

  • Anne says:

    Aggie – sorry Chicago is out of our radius…We deliver to New Jersey, parts of Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.

  • cure says:

    it’s amazing ! I want a cake like this one I have 16th birthday this year 🙂 but I live in Poland…

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