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5 Creative Interior Cake Designs

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Top 5 decorations inside cake patterns

Pink Cake Box has been baking something sweet! Not only are these cakes beautifully decorated on the outside, but as you were taught from a young age, it must be beautiful on the inside as well! Take a look at these fun filled surprises inside our cakes. You can find these spunky interior prints with the rest of our flavors by clicking on Cake Flavors/Fillings.

Rainbow Print Cakes

Take a whirl around this magically marbled exterior to reveal a colorful rainbow on the inside!

Rainbow decoration print inside cake slice

Rainbow print with jelly beans inside cake

colorful Rainbow print inside birthday cake

Cross section inside topper cake of rainbow pattern decoration

Jellybeans and rainbow print pattern cake

Slice of rainbow decorated cake

Zebra Print Cakes

Show your wild side with this Zebra cake. We often receive requests for animal cakes which have been a hit amongst people of all ages. You can see other animal print cakes in our gallery.

zebra print decoration inside baked cake

Zebra print decorations inside and outside of celebration cake

Zebra print pattern baked into cake with sprinkles

Cross section of zebra print birthday cake with sprinkles

Inside and out zebra print cake slice

Slice of zebra print cake

Leopard Dot Print Cakes

I am loving the pink leopard design that not only works for a fun birthday but we are seeing more and more baby showers with this theme. Like this leopard and zebra print combo we recently did for a baby shower – Baby Shower Pink Leopard and Zebra Print Cake. We can also do this print in a blue for a baby boy baby shower or even a fun jungle themed birthday. See our jungle themed cakes here.

Cheetah print decorations inside and outside cake

Leopard Print Decorations inside party cake

Leopard print decorations baked into cake

Cross section of leopard print cake

Leopard and Cheetah animal print inside cake decorations

Single slice of leopard print cake baked into cake

Polka Dot Print Cakes

This bright polka dot pattern continues on the inside to “wow” your guests with colorful polka dots in each slice. What a colorful way to celebrate any occasion!

Polka dot cake baked into decorations

Polka dot party decorations inside cake with springles

Cake cut inside with polka dot decorations

Cross section of cut cake with polka dot decorations

Polka dot cake slice with polka dots on outside and inside

Single slice of polka dotted cake with sprinkles

BONUS: Leopard print interior cake design {Version 2}

Here is another version of our leopard print design toned down without the pink! (You know we love our pink!) Although it is not pink, it still makes a feisty impression!

Leopard and Cheetah Interior Cake Decorations

Leopard Print Interior Cake Design

Cross section of interior of leopard cake

Cross section of interior of leopard cake

Single slice of leopard interior design cake

Single slice of decorated leopard print cake

Check out our shareable animated gif for more interior cake fun!

When choosing your cake just remember- “it’s what’s on the inside that counts!”.

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