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NYC Bar Mitzvah Cake (3029)

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Update: Here’s a newer version of this NYC Bar Mitzvah with a Broadway twist!

Broadway Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Chad’s Bar Mitzvah – One Night Only

This cake includes three paybills and the headlining act is Chad’s Bar Mitzvah – on night only this past May 21, 2016! The top of the cake includes a theater with a showing of the spectacular event!

A topsy turvy cake with a NYC skyline and the ubiquitous yellow taxicabs was an appropriate theme for a Bar Mitzvah held in New York City.

The 1st tier was red velvet with cream cheese filling, the 2nd was white cake with oreos & cream, the third was chocolate with raspberry chambord and the final was vanilla cake with hazelnut filling. We also created 14 vanilla cupcakes with black fondant and candles.

Bar Mitzvah City Topsy Turvy

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4 Comments for “NYC Bar Mitzvah Cake”

  • shisharka says:

    This has got to be the most unique creation in the cake world that I know… Any novelty cake extravaganza I’ve seen on the net is topped off by this New York cityscape and wins hands-down in an originality contest! I can see it nicely fitting on the set of “Sex and the City”, too 🙂 Outstanding concept and meticulous execution! Maybe a San Francisco version for a homesick current East Coast dweller is coming soon? Thanks for all the inspiring cake ideas!

  • Anne says:

    Wow quite a compliment – thanks!

  • Ferwa says:

    love it

  • Samantha says:

    OMG I love this cake! I might just order this cake from you guys but with different flavors cuz im allergic 2 nuts, and DEATHLY allergic 2 hazelnuts, but like maybe 1-2 tiers with that theme, and then like beachy then suburby with my town, then the top is like comtemporary gift box with me on top.. idk.. im ranting and imagining!! lollz but its great!

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