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“Mrs.” Pink Cake Box (2802)

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Wedding CakeSo as many of you know…I got married on June 30th in Cape Cod. All in all it was an incredible, happy, beautiful and unforgettable day.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you a little story about my very own wedding cake….

It all started the Monday morning before the wedding. I was fortunate enough to be able to use the pastry kitchen at the Wequassett Inn where our wedding reception was being held. I met the head pastry chef, Jessica, who may not realize it, but basically prevented me from throwing me cake in the garbage!

I filled, iced and fondanted the four layers of my cake. Chocolate with peanut butter filling, and white cake with hazelnut – frangelico filling. It was a tad warm and humid in the kitchen that day…which made fondanting rather difficult…but I still felt confident. Until I got back to the kitchen Tuesday morning to retrieve my cakes from the walk-in refrigerator. The Cape Cod humidity had rendered my fondant…..wet and sticky! The worst sweating I have ever seen! I began to dowel the cake regardless, determined to make my cake, complete with champagne colored bows to match my dress, and 40 pink and green sugar roses I had made the week prior.

Summer Themed Lobster Cookies

Summer Themed Lobster Cookies

After a few minutes, however, I started to panic, as the moisture had left the fondant swollen with water. Fortunately, Jessica was able to think a little bit more than I was at that moment, and convinced me that throwing the cake in the garbage was not the only solution. “Take the fondant off. And ice it in buttercream. We can put fresh flowers on. The sugar ones will melt!”

I was grief stricken! My perfectly planned out wedding cake was not an option! I contemplated the idea of not having a wedding cake… or throwing a few Entenmann’s on the table…but my mother, supportively suggested that was not a good idea 🙂

Sugar Flowers WeddingNeedless to say, I finished the cake….not happily, and in my opinion, not well! But it stood through the wedding….and Jessica was able to use some beautiful flowers provided by our florist to decorate the cake the morning of the wedding.
The morals of the story….I will never try to use fondant or sugar decorations in Cape Cod or any other humid/tropical venue!

I will never make my own wedding cake again…Just kidding 🙂

I attached a pic of the cake, as well as sugar flowers that never made it onto the cake, and the lobster cookies we made as favors. We also had a great candy table, for which I’ll have to post pictures after I receive them.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the vendors who made my wedding day beautiful:

Robin and Jenn at Clementine Floral Studios

Ceasar Cabral at Studio C Band

Helen at Cape Services Video

My friend and fabulous opera singer, Laura D’Avella

Lou Goodman at LouGoodman Photography

Andrea and Jessica at Wequassett Inn

Tes at Trolley’s By Tes

Jo at Noteworthy at Four Seasons – 1117 Mount Kemble Ave
Morristown, NJ 07960
(973) 425-2761

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11 Comments for ““Mrs.” Pink Cake Box”

  • Lisa says:

    Congratulations!!! You look beautiful! So sorry to hear about the trouble with the cake. It still looks very pretty.

  • Administrator says:

    Thanks Lisa 🙂 It all worked out in the end!

  • rebekka says:

    Oh, wow, what a story! We have to deal with stuff like that quite a bit here in Birmingham, Alabama. Your cake looked so lovely though, and the lobster cookies are fabulous! I can’t imagine…with all the stress of being a bride…making your own wedding cake! Kudos to you!

  • kimszym says:

    Looks like it was a wonderful wedding. The cake looks great and I bet it was delicious.

  • su Yin says:

    Oh wow! Congratulations!! despite the troubles; your cake still looked amazing! you do too by the way *wink*

  • Margi Chambers says:

    Your cake looks beautiful. The reason it suffered the condensation was because
    you put it in the refridgerator. Fondant will hold the moisture in a cake, even in humid conditions, but if you put it in the refridgerator it will sweat. The gumpaste flowers could have been put on it by putting them in little plastic vials like test tubes. So dont be afraid to do the fondant again, buttercream doesnt hold up as well as fondant in humid areas.
    I saw a whole cake colapse in a gazebo one time.

  • Hi, concradulations on such a beautiful wedding! Your cake still came out great, despite the trouble. We would like to wish you a happy future together!


  • Lori-Ann says:

    Hello I live in the Cayman Islands and Satin Ice fonant has broght me to tears on two ocassion. Now I use Massa Ticcino humidity resistant fondant and I only use fondant with gum tex added to make the sugar flower as the gumpaste melts here too! Love your cakes they inspire me!!!

  • claudia agius says:

    Can you imagine living on an island where normally humidity level is somewhere around 97 %!! Well that’s Malta, where I live and decorating cakes here is terrible!!!!! Just read this post of yours and I felt someone could understand my frustration 😛 Congrats ( with years of delay ) !!!

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