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Mr. Potato Head Cake (899)

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My husband Jesse is turning the big 30 on Monday…so I wanted to create a cake that would encompass a lot of his interests. So after a lot of contemplating… I decided Mr. Potato Head would be the perfect concept. Not to mention, Jesse was known for his ‘big head’ growing up…so the connection seemed obvious!

Mr. Potato Head is sporting a Google cap with an Ipod tuned to Pearl Jam, Jesse’s favorite band. (The hat represents Jesse’s love of the Internet and all things Google). Mr. Potato Head also has new balance sneakers on… the very same sneakers Jesse wears everyday to the gym.

Surrounding the cake are other items Jesse loves including sushi, Guinness Beer, a barbell (he is into fitness) and Warren Buffet’s autobiography.

Lastly Mr. Potato Head has his hand resting on a bucket of exploding fondant with a timer set at 30 seconds. Let’s go back a few weeks.. Cathy and I arrived in Denver for a Food Network Challenge on a Saturday. When we got there we learned our fondant had been lost in transit. So since Jesse was coming the next day, I asked him to go to our shop, pack up some fondant and check the bags on the plane. Unfortunately, the fondant set off the bomb detectors and Jesse was detained by the TSA. Apparently the fondant he was carrying on board was registering as an explosive! Hence the exploding fondant bucket on the cake.

Happy Birthday Jesse! My ‘spudly’ husband.

My husband and me with Mr. Potato Head:

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